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Re: [service-orientated-architecture] IBM's On-Demand Based on SOA

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  • Kaleem Aziz
    An excellent article and made an interesting read. But solution-wise, I felt, they were getting overly complex by mixing various levels of abstraction of
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 31, 2004
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      An excellent article and made an interesting read. But solution-wise, I felt, they were getting overly complex by mixing various levels of abstraction of hardware and software. I understand that current investments and demand for tools to solve the corporate challenges of compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA. Both of these demand event-driven architecture with bulk hardware storage, tied into workflow based business processes. Companies like IBM, EMC, Sun and Hitachi are known to be working/competing in this domain -- a real life implementation of SOA + bulk [terra-bytes] storage systems + BPM + [ESB] Messaging + more.
      However, I really like making these different level of abstractions. Not because they really work that way in reality, but because of the bite-size chunks we humans can digest. I was wondering, and wanted to pass along, how IBM's "On-Demand" compares to TIBCO's "Real-Time" business:
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      Gervas Douglas <gervasdouglas@...> wrote:
      < information -- messages or documents (sometimes called business
      objects). Their capabilities are defined by interfaces declaring
      messages they can produce or consume, policy annotations declaring
      quality of service required or provided, and choreography annotations
      declaring behavioral constraints that must be respected in service
      interactions. The actual implementation is hidden from the service
      requester, thus SOAs are a convenient way to achieve application
      integration by allowing new and existing applications to be quickly
      combined into new contexts.

      adapter follows the WebSphere´┐Ż Business Integrator model, for
      example. The adapter implements the service interface and transforms
      messages into operation on the existing application.

      Service Bus (ESB). This does not mean, however, that all interactions
      require network communication and XML messages. The ESB provides
      services with the "service" conceptual model, while allowing for
      optimized communication and encodings of messages. In extreme cases,
      the interaction between two services might bind to a local program

      prior to deploy time, or very late through dynamic discovery

      capabilities and interactions. The growing acceptance of XML as a
      standard representation of structured information and of Web services
      standards (often called WS-* standards) have greatly facilitated the
      adoption of this architectural approach. The conceptual model of SOA
      applies to the virtualization of both business functions and physical
      infrastructure. It spans the construction of applications as well as
      their deployment and management. Clients (users or businesses) only
      see a collection of business services and are interested in their
      quality of service, but the On Demand Operating Environment shields
      them from the details of application assembly and service delivery.>>

      You can read this at:



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