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GigaSpaces Unveils Latest Version 3.2 of Grid Infrastructure for Real Time Business Applications

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  • shay@gigaspaces.com
    GigaSpaces Release 3.2 introduces new Distributed-Caching Mechanism boosting performance by orders of magnitude ... New York, NY, March 4, 2004. GigaSpaces a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2004
      GigaSpaces Release 3.2 introduces new Distributed-Caching Mechanism
      boosting performance by orders of magnitude

      New York, NY, March 4, 2004. GigaSpaces a leading provider of Grid-based
      infrastructure for real-time business applications announced today the
      general availability of its GigaSpaces Enterprise Platform release 3.2.

      Specially suited for large, intensive real-time distributed transaction
      processing environments, the new GigaSpaces release introduces the first
      distributed-caching implementation based on clustered JavaSpaces. The
      3.2 release of the GigaSpaces software engine offers application
      developers a standard Java Map interface, in addition to the rich
      JavaSpaces API. Real-time, distributed business applications can benefit
      tremendously by boosting read performance by orders of magnitude.

      The new GigaSpaces engine assures consistency and coherency in
      read-mostly scenarios with highly concurrent applications by utilizing
      an effective optimistic locking mechanism.

      A new "One-Click-Cluster" utility provides dynamic and seamless creation
      of high availability clusters with one click of a mouse. Fail-over,
      Load-balancing and Replication clusters can now be deployed

      Existing applications of GigaSpaces can benefit from the new features of
      this release transparently, without changing a single line of code.

      "Leveraging the new 3.2 release, enterprises can now accelerate their
      business processes while unleashing the power and cost benefits of new
      grid-based architectures." said Yaron Benvenisti, GigaSpaces CEO.
      "Release 3.2 of GigaSpaces continues to expand the capabilities of our
      Grid-based processing engine, particularly for highly intensive,
      scalable enterprise applications."

      Version 3.2 of the GigaSpaces platform is available immediately. A free
      evaluation can be downloaded from the GigaSpaces Web-site

      7th Jini Community event - March 23-25, 2004
      GigaSpaces will be participating the 7th Jini Community event. We invite
      you to join this event and hear about success stories implementing
      JavaSpaces and JINI in mission critical applications. You will have a
      chance to hear and to influence GigaSpaces future road-map and get from
      first hand some surprising announcements.
      For more info see: http://www.jini.org/meetings/seventh/

      About GigaSpaces Technologies
      GigaSpaces Technologies was founded in 2000, and is today affiliated
      with the Formula Group (NASDAQ: FORTY), Israel's largest software
      company. Its founders are experienced IT professionals who have grappled
      with the limitations of today's messaging, DBMS and integration
      technologies in a series of real-time, high-volume business applications
      in the area of Finance, Telecom and Defense. The GigaSpaces platform is
      a result of this experience, and the understanding that a radically new
      paradigm is required when dealing with such real-time challenges.

      GigaSpaces has more than 20 professionals across its New York offices
      and R&D center in Israel. Its GigaSpaces Enterprise Platform is used by
      over 20 organizations worldwide such as Nortel Networks, AIG, Hutchison
      3G, The US Army, British-American Tobacco, Tadiran Telecom and others.

      Best Regards,
      Shay Hassidim
      Product Manager, GigaSpaces Technologies
      Email: shay@...
      Website: www.gigaspaces.com
      GigaSpaces - Be Local Sync Global
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