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  • Gervas Douglas <gervasdouglas@yahoo.co.u
    Feb 15, 2003
      SOA is a software paradigm which has been around for some years,
      albeit being called something else. Examples were CORBA- or MOM-
      based (message-orientated middleware). However it has taken the
      invention of Web Services as a SOA implementation to bring SOA to the
      larger IT community's notice. We do not want this group to concern
      itself solely with Web Services, however it would be useful to
      consider WS in a SOA context and in relation to other technologies,
      both SOA and non-SOA based.

      Examples of self-proclaimed SOA vendors include IONA, Sonic Software
      and CapeClear as well the Jini/JavaSpaces community. With reference
      to the latter you mmight also like to visit

      So come and share your thoughts, questions, inspirations and
      proposals for this pivotal technology.

      Gervas Douglas