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[serapier] Re: Gulf Wars

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  • Volker AElfwine
    Pardon the intrusion, but why does the sensor have to be mounted into the weapon? Would it not be so much easier to put the sensor on the target? For example,
    Message 1 of 188 , Mar 7, 1999
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      Pardon the intrusion, but why does the sensor have to be mounted into the
      weapon? Would it not be so much easier to put the sensor on the target?
      For example, when I was in a karate class years ago, the instructor
      brought in a sensor that he strapped on a punching bag for us to see the
      amount of force we were expressing. Something like that could
      conceivably be strapped to a volunteer. Just my phennig's worth,

      > > It would be easier to mount the pressure sensor in the grip of a
      > > specially-made weapon, but "easier" in this case is only valid
      > when
      > > used against the difficulty of putting it at the tip without
      > > significantly altering the weight and balance of the blade.
      > Theoretically, the
      > > pressure is the same at both ends of the blade. It would be far
      > easier
      > to first
      > > guage how the attacker feels about the blow, then have a
      > spring-loaded
      > > blade give a measured blow of the same force to a Defender to see
      > how
      > he calls
      > > it. But while all of this sounds like interesting grounds for a
      > follow-up
      > > study, the current scope of the project seems exactly appropriate
      > for
      > the
      > > conditions under which it is being conducted. More complicated
      > apparatus
      > > becomes obtrusive at events.
      > >
      > > Roderick
      > Complete agreement with your statement on the current scope of the
      > project. A pressure sensor, if one of the appropriate
      > size/shape/sensitivity is readily available, would still need a lot
      > of
      > fiddling to get it mounted right and reporting correctly. Not
      > something
      > to rush into.
      > As far as altering the balance and weight, well, perhaps I'm
      > allowing my
      > preconceptions to become too real to me, but I picture a pressure
      > sensor
      > who's weight wouldn't be so much that it affects the inertia of the
      > blow
      > significantly (and if it were, the apparatus would have to be
      > rejected).
      > In my opinion balance is not relevant to the test because the blade
      > would
      > be used for straight thrusts only.
      > Why do you say it would be easier to construct a special weapon with
      > the
      > sensor in the grip? Are there specific designs you are familiar
      > with
      > that would work best in that configuration? I'd think that, unless
      > there
      > weren't any sensors small enough to fit on the tip, mounting one
      > there
      > would be far easier than building a special test weapon. But as you
      > should have gathered by now, I'm ignorant of what's available.
      > --Aethan

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      really is, for as to toiling from morn to evening on a wooden stool,
      or a leathern chair, in a counting house or a laboratory, that
      certainly is not living." Alexander Dumas "The Black Tulip"

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    • Dale Oliver
      ... for us Gerrik ... made ... We
      Message 188 of 188 , Mar 19, 2008
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        --- Missed ya sweetie...and Sam even went with me..smack the other half
        for us <g>


        In serapier@yahoogroups.com, "Frances" <fudge_phantom@...> wrote:
        > Glad you guys had fun and did well. Wish Gunther and I could have
        > it to war. We will try for next year since it won't be as hectic.
        > have been freezing up here in Nebraska but we made it just fine.
        > Tumbleweed
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