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[serapier] Pennsic Schlager Melee

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  • Martin Burnham-Russell
    Pennsic Schlager Melee Schlager fighters from throughout the Known World are invited to participate in the Schlager Melee at Pennsic this year. Find below the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 1999
      Pennsic Schlager Melee

      Schlager fighters from throughout the Known World are invited to
      participate in the Schlager Melee at Pennsic this year. Find below the
      general rules and information about the battle. The MiC's reserve the
      right to modify any or all of these rules for purposes of safety,
      playability or fun.

      When: Monday, August 15: 2-4 pm

      Where: Pennsic Rapier Field (Blue List)

      Type of Battle: Resurrection/Capture the Flag

      Who Can Play: Any fighter who holds a schlager authorization.

      Teams: Randomly selected the day of the battle

      Marshals and set up: We will need lots of help with marshaling the battle
      and setting up and breaking down. All volunteers are welcome!! If not
      enough marshals volunteer we will recruit them from amongst the fighters.

      Marshals in Charge: THL Tormod dubh Gunn, Meridien Kingdom Rapier Marshal
      and Baron AElfred of Chester, Chancellor of The Academia

      Battle Field Set Up: Two resurrection points will be established at either
      end of the battle field. A dead fighter must leave the battlefield and
      enter their resurrection point before returning to the battlefield, no time
      limit will be required for staying in the point. Fluids will be available
      at both points.

      A river will divide the battle field in half. There will be a pool in the
      river with an island in the center of the pool. Two narrow foot bridges
      will cross the river above and below the pool. There will be no bridge to
      the island.

      Three flags will be on the field and cannot be moved! Each army will have
      one flag on their side of the river and the third will be in the center of
      the island.

      Rules: The battle will continue for 30 minutes. The army which is in
      control of two or more flags at the end of 30 minutes will be declared the
      winner. Any flag still in contention at the end of thirty minutes will have
      a 20 foot circle drawn around it and the fighters within the circle will
      fight to the death until one side or the other has been eliminated.

      Fighters who enter the river or pool from the banks or the island must
      immediately drop to their knees and all movement in the water must be on
      the knees. The water is understood to be waist high (on everybody).
      Therefore, a wading fighter who loses a leg will drown. However, gunshots
      below the waist will be discounted by the water flow; only blade damage
      will count below the waist. The Bridges are understood to be somewhat
      elevated. Therefore, a fighter who steps off a bridge will be considered
      dead and must return to the resurrection point. Also fighters on the
      bridge may not engage fighters in the water, or vice versa, except for
      gunners who may shoot any fighter at any time.

      Death from behind will be allowed! When rapiers or daggers are used the
      blade will be laid across the opposing fighter's shoulder and the fighter
      doing the killing shall call out loudly, "You are dead, m'lord/m'lady." No
      fighter shall attempt to avoid being killed from behind by spinning away
      from the fighter in the rear. Gunners may shoot a fighter in the back as
      well and then call out the same phrase. Marshals will pay particular
      attention that these rules are being followed and that courtesy is used by
      all fighters involved!

      Each army will be allowed to have no more than 50% of its fighters armed
      with Case of Rapiers. Bucklers are considered shot proof.

      Armor requirements: Per the kingdom of residence.

      Blades: All schlager style rapier blades will be allowed (oval, diamond,
      Del Tin and fiberglass). Blades up to 45 inches will be allowed. Only
      single handed rapiers are allowed, please no Great Rapiers or Pikes!

      Flexidaggers and any other dagger style allowed in the kingdom of residence
      will be accepted.

      Other equipment: Per the kingdom of residence.

      Guns: Low powered period looking gonnes that fire completely flexible
      rounds (rubber bands or surgical tubing) will be allowed. Each gunner will
      be limited to six shots, regardless of the number of gonnes they carry. RBG
      rounds cannot be collected off the ground and reused! A gonne that
      misfires may be re-cocked but should a round snap back during the loading,
      the gonne is considered to have exploded and the gunner's hands have been
      burned. The fighter must enter the resurrection point before he can use
      them again.
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