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Fwd: [sca-4peerage] Additional Peerage committee report

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  • Ursus Grim
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 2013
      From Sir Jon Fitzrolf (sp?):


      I attended the BOD meeting yesterday and they announced that they had received the report from Additional Peerage Exploratory Committee.  They will be reviewing it and should decide if they will accept it or not by the October meeting. If they do, the report will be put out to the membership for comment. 

      They gave out no real details except for some possible names and devices.  
      Some of the possible names were: Order of Masters of Defense. Order of Cavaliers.  Order of Bravery. 
      Some possible regalia: White or silver livery collar with badge. White or silver garter. White cloak. White gloves. 
      I do not remember what the possibilities were for badges. 

      As far a peerage recognition for all the other Non Rattan Martial Activities, we will just have to wait and see what develops with the possible rapier peerage. And then decide what we will do. 


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