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Festival on the Green (FOG) 2013

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  • Mark Bailey
    Greetings! Final follow-up for Festival on the Green (FOG). I have confirmed space for Nico, Angel Wings, Arenal, SS&S, Lavena & Leanne. Asher? Anyone else
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 2, 2013

      Final follow-up for Festival on the Green (FOG).

      I have confirmed space for Nico, Angel Wings, Arenal, SS&S, Lavena & Leanne. Asher?
      Anyone else with space requests, let me know before Thursday. 
      Otherwise, we'll fit you where ever we can.

      What do we still need for FOG?
      Artisans - all types: Smiths, armorers, weavers, spinners, musicians, woodworkers, bards, singers, dancers, poets, calligraphers, illuminators, cooks, cheese makers, Iron workers, leather workers, people to look good and mingle, etc., etc.
      So, if you can come or think you can come, let me know.
      Things I need to know is who'll be there Friday, Saturday or both.
      What you'll be setting up - Pavilion size and any special needs. I'll have access to a limited number of tables and chairs. I know this makes it easier for people to pack when they don't have to carry a bunch of tables.

      Everything is set to go for Friday and Saturday April 5 & 6, 2013.
      I'm planning to be on site Thursday beginning around Noon. Exact arrival time will depend on the dentist's office. I'll be marking out our general area and be able to help people plan where to put their pavilions.
      So, anybody planning on arriving on Thursday, can call me on site if they need assistance finding their way around the campus.
      Also, call me if you don't see me when you get on site so I can meet you.
      Remember, we can set up on Thursday, but don't leave easily carried valuables in camp. 
      Unless somebody is camping on site, do not leave anything of value on site overnight.
      Last year, there were several problems in the SCA area as well as other areas.

      Static displays:  I'll bring swords, archery kit & armor. Others can do likewise. Plus, bring illuminations, calligraphy, knitting, crochet, maille work, needle point, embroidery, etc.
      Things we need:
      porta-holes, banner poles, fence posts, tapestries, sheet walls, tables and chairs, shade. 
      Also, I've asked before and I'm asking again, anybody have anything we can use to make some actual gates? Please bring it.

      When to arrive.
      Thursday, afternoon until dark is a GOOD setup time.
      Friday, the earlier the better. You can come at any time, but if you want to access the site with a vehicle, you need to be off loaded and heading out by 9:00 AM. Otherwise, everything will need to be carried from the parking lot.
      Saturday, same as Friday only MUCH busier!
      Now, I get to tell you all where to go! :-)
      Unless you know the University of West Florida campus very well, use these directions.
      There are other roads in and through the campus, but its easy to get lost.
      UWF is best accessed from University Parkway. University Parkway is a Left turn off Davis Hwy. just North of Olive Rd. Davis Hwy hooks up with I-10 @ exit 13. Take Davis North.
      Follow University Parkway until it ends in a Tee intersection. Turn Left. This is Campus Drive. Follow Campus Drive down hill into a sweeping Right hand curve. On the Left will be Parking Lot "K". This is the closest parking lot to our site.
      There is a circle drive in front of the Conference Center on this lot. You can pull in there to off load and stage gear, then go park. From there it is a fairly straight shot across the grass to our site. You'll see a giant generator in front of you as you approach our area.
      Parking can be problematic! Hence, the "Come Early" suggestion.
      If you come really early.... hint hint!
      You can off load on site.
      Instead of pulling in lot "K", continue on down the road a long way.
      Look for parking lot "T". Pull into the parking lot and watch for some very important signs.
      There is a sign for the Library and the are signs for Trolly stops. Go straight up the driveway to building 51.
      The drive veers Left and there is a narrow drive that veers slightly Right.
      Veer Right, you're on a one way drive. Follow this drive until it circles around going in the opposite direction. It is a left turn.
      This will take you along the back of the library. You will come to a crossroads. There will be dumpsters in front of you. Stay to the Right. You'll pass a handicapped parking area and the loading dock for the Library.
      At this point, the drive will suddenly look like a sidewalk. IT IS!
      Drive straight down the sidewalk past the Library. There is a large rectangle of land in front of you on the right side of the sidewalk with another walk crossing it diagonally.
      This is our area!
      Once you unload, go back the way you came to the library, then turn Right to follow the road back to the parking lot and main road.
      I'm planning to be on campus Wednesday and put up small SCA signs pointing to the various turn offs that are needed to get behind the Library and to our land.

      Any questions or problems let me know!
      Need help once your there, keep my number handy!

      I look forward to hearing back from some of you soon, and seeing many of you at FOG!
      Any questions, please ask!
      In service to the SCA

      THL Knut Thorfinnsson
      UWF/SCA Liaison

      Mark Bailey
      850-470-0610 Home
      850-293-0137 Cell

      PS: Please forward to anyone you think might have an interest in participating.
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