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Festival on the Green (FOG) 20132

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  • Mark Bailey
    Greetings! Once again, the university has requested me to be the UWF/SCA Liaison for Festival on the Green (FOG). I ve served in this capacity for a number of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 19, 2013

      Once again, the university has requested me to be the UWF/SCA Liaison for Festival on the Green (FOG). I've served in this capacity for a number of years and with the number of groups in our general area, UWF wishes me to serve as the contact point for all the various groups that might be participating in FOG.
      Fog is on Friday and Saturday, April 5 & 6, 2013.
      Unfortunately, this date conflicts with Spring Coronation. However, this missive is only for those not attending coronation.
      For those who haven't been to FOG before, we have a section of land we set up at the festival as a village. We have pavilions set up for A&S displays, both working and static.
      SCA info and recruiting. A fighting field and areas for people to just look pretty and answer questions about garb and history. Plus, we have our own merchants area.
      The SCA is the only group allowed to merchant at FOG with anything SCA / Ren Faire related. Everyone else has to apply and be approved based on their individual original arts.
      Over the two days, there are several thousand visitors to the festival.
      I know Gulf Wars is upon us and most have all their thoughts on the war right now. No problem! This is a heads up for after the war.
      What do we need for FOG?
      Artisans - all types: Smiths, armorers, weavers, spinners, musicians, woodworkers, bards, singers, dancers, poets, calligraphers, illuminators, cooks, cheese makers, etc.
      People to look good and mingle
      Etc., etc.
      So, if you can come or think you can come, let me know.
      I'll be getting back with everybody as soon as war is over.
      Things I need to know is who'll be there Friday, Saturday or both.
      What you'll be setting up - Pavilion size and any special needs. I'll have access to a limited number of tables and chairs. I know this makes it easier for people to pack when they don't have to carry a bunch of tables.

      Our village have evolved over time. We have reached a point where we've found a sheet wall around the perimeter works well to control the flow of people into the village and thereby bring them in to us instead of merely walking past our displays.
      We do need to work on developing two functional "Gates" for each end of the sidewalk going through our area. This will dramatically improve the appearance of the setup.

      I've tried to catch as many in the area as I can.
      Arenal, Phoenix Glade, Terra Terminus, Osprey, Ironstone.
      If any can think of anybody I've missed that needs to read this, please forward it and let me know.
      I'll be posting more and being more specific in some of my posts after the war.
      FOG has been a big public service demo for the SCA for years and UWF considers us a showpiece of FOG!
      We even have our own section on the FOG website.

      I look forward to hearing back from all of you soon. Any questions, please ask!
      In service to the SCA

      THL Knut Thorfinnsson
      UWF/SCA Liaison

      Mark Bailey

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