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[serapier] Fw: KWAR official flyer

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    ... From: Christoph & Sherry Hintze To: Sent: Friday, May 28, 1999 19:28 Subject: KWAR official flyer ...
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      From: Christoph & Sherry Hintze <chhintze@...>
      To: <atlantia@...>
      Sent: Friday, May 28, 1999 19:28
      Subject: KWAR official flyer

      >Poster: Christoph & Sherry Hintze <chhintze@...>
      >Unto all Atlantians and others gathered in the Merry Rose come greetings
      >and good wishes from Lord Christoper Storme of Kintail. Here is the flyer
      >for the Coastal Alliance's Knowne Worlde Academie of the Rapier.
      >Those on other mailing lists throughout the Knowne Worlde are invited to
      >pass on the information as they believe appropriate - please note that the
      >flyer contains a URL for the soon-to-be website and contact information for
      >the event staff, and we will not innundate said lists with further
      >In service,
      >Lord Christopher
      >Rapier Marshal, Shire of Cathanar, Coastal Alliance
      >Autocrat, Knowne Worlde Academie of the Rapier VI
      >Knowne Worlde Academie of the Rapier VI
      >November 12-14, C.E. 1999
      >The Coastal Alliance - the Shire of Seareach, the Stronghold of Raven's
      >Cove, and the Shire of Cathanar - offer a weekend devoted to the Arte of
      >the Rapier.
      >Friday evening we will host a revel (and early troll) at the Holiday Inn,
      >4903 Market St., Wilmington, NC 28405 beginning at 7:00pm. We have
      >arranged for lodging at a discounted rate as well. [$45/night for a queen
      >bed for up to 2 gentles; $55/night for two double beds or one king bed for
      >up to 4 gentles; and $75/night for a king bed and in-room jacuzzi for up to
      >4. Price does not include 9% NC sales tax, but does include a HOT
      >breakfast buffet. Children under 12 stay free. Call 910-799-1440 before
      >Oct. 25 and mention the SCA to obtain these rates. Contact our reservation
      >steward for crash space or campground information.]
      >Saturday we offer classes in Rapier and diverse artes, many merchants, open
      >sparring, and a novice tourney at the Warwick Center on the University of
      >North Carolina/Wilmington campus, a mere 5 minutes from the hotel. (601
      >South College Road, Wilmington, NC 28403) Sunday we return there for
      >sundry tournaments - and, of course - MELEES! (This IS Atlantia, after
      >all!) We plan to run a morning & an evening shuttle from the hotel.
      >Leave your feast gear at home! Enjoy the complimentary breakfast buffet at
      >the Holiday Inn (guests only), then buy lunch on site for $5. Saturday's
      >feast will be catered by UNC-W catering services and includes NC barbecued
      >pork, fried chicken, and various side dishes for $10/person. Those with
      >dietary restrictions, please contact the reservation steward about the
      >possibility of arranging an alternate option. Offboard seating is
      >available - but you'll miss the Atlantian White Scarf Challenge Tourney!
      >Site fee for the entire weekend is $7. Children under 12 pay $4/site and
      >$5/feast; and those 5 and under pay no site fee, $5/feast. Feast is
      >limited to 200, and a reservation paid is a reservation made! Make checks
      >payable to The Shire of Seareach, SCA, Inc. Sorry, we cannot accept
      >payment by credit card. With your reservation, please indicate if you will
      >need transportation between hotel & site; if you require the services of
      >our Childrens' Steward; and if you plan to purchase our lunch.
      >PLEASE NOTE: The site is dry as a bone BUT the hotel is sopping wet. NO
      >"live" steel will be permitted on campus (fencing equipment is fine, of
      >course!). Merchants are most welcome - please contact the merchant lisaon
      >or visit the KWAR merchant website. Handicap accessibility is no problem
      >at either location. The University is open to non-SCAdians; take
      >appropriate precautions with your gear. Pets are not permitted at either
      >For assistance, please contact the appropriate member of our KWAR staff:
      >Autocrat: Lord Christopher Storme of Kintail (mka Christoph Hintze), 24
      >Dutch Treat MHP, Newport, NC 28570, 252-726-0612, email
      >Reservation Steward: Lady Caroline of Seareach (mka Denise Jones), 106
      >Point Reyes Dr., Wilmington, NC 28412, 910-392-7346, email
      >Marshal-in-Charge: Jehan Franc de Blauvac (mka John Bova) 252-635-3130,
      >email <jbova@...>.
      >Rapier Classes: Mistress Ceridwen ferch Owain (mka Linda Goldman),
      >919-776-6580, email <ceridwen@...>
      >A&S activities: Geva de Lile (mka Ginger Liles), 919-387-6789
      >Merchant Information: Wolf Kestris Rowanwood (mka April Riemann),
      >910-938-3804 email <wolffe@...>
      >For updates online, visit http://www.angelfire.com/on/ravencove/kwar.html
      There is a merchants website at http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Cyprus/8673
      >>From the Northeast: Take your best route to Hwy 17S toward Wilmington.
      >The Holiday Inn is on your right shortly after College Rd. (Hwy 132). To
      >reach the UNC-W campus from Hwy 17, turn left onto College Rd; the
      >Univesity drive is approximately 1 mile ahead on your left. Follow the SCA
      >signs to Warwick Center.
      >>From the Northwest: Take your best route to I-40 east toward Wilmington.
      >(I-40 is easily reached from I-95.) Just inside Wilmington, I-40 ends in
      >Hwy 132 (College Rd.). To reach the Holiday Inn, turn right on Hwy 17S
      >(Market Street) and watch on the right-hand side. To reach the University,
      >continue on College Rd. The University is on your left approximately 1
      >mile past Market St. Follow the SCA signs to Warwick Center.
      >>From the South: Take your best route to Hwy 74/74 east toward Wilmington.
      >(Hwy 76 can be reached from I-95 in S. Carolina.) To reach the Holiday
      >Inn, once in Wilmington, follow signs for Hwy 17/74 (Market St.) The hotel
      >is on your left shortly past Kerr Ave. To reach the University, follow Hwy
      >76 (Oleander Dr.) and turn left on Hwy 132 (College Rd.). Just past
      >K-Mart, turn right on Hurst Road. Follow the SCA signs to Warwick Center.
      >List Archives, FAQ, FTP: http://merryrose.atlantia.sca.org/
      > Submissions: atlantia@...
      > Admin. requests: majordomo@...


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