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Re: Mask Question

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  • Alsinda aka Kishwar
    Most excellent! - Alsinda ... (owner ... kit ... the US
    Message 1 of 8 , Dec 1, 2007
      Most excellent!

      - Alsinda

      --- In serapier@yahoogroups.com, "J. T. Farmer" <jfarmer@...> wrote:
      > Alsinda aka Kishwar wrote:
      > > Well, thank you gentlemen! Someone recommended that I write to these
      > > distributors to see if they know how many pounds "punch" they have
      > > been tested to. I will do so. But it does sound as though some
      > > affordable masks are about....
      > >
      > The masks at fencing.net are tested to pass any 12kg test. Craig
      > of Fencing.net) is a good guy and provides good service with good
      > quality. I teach sport fencing and I've bought from a number of
      > vendors. I used to send my students to Triplette for their starter
      > sets, but dealing them got so flaky (even the new ownership didn't
      > help), that I started using Absolute Fencing
      > (http://www.absolutefencinggear.com/). But these days, I send them to
      > Craig. The service & prices are good, and in many respects the base
      > is better.
      > Really, most all the masks priced under $60 or $70 are made in China,
      > regardless of the name on them. Pick a vendor that you trust and are
      > comfortable dealing with.
      > As an aside, any new 3 weapon mask sold for fencing these days in
      the US
      > will pass all the SCA rapier tests. The last mask that I saw that
      > wouldn't was sold over 20 years ago...
      > John Farmer
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