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Fw: [RN] Looking for something fun to do? DSMR job posting

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  • Wendy Colbert
    Forwarded by request. Irene
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2007
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      Forwarded by request.

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      >From: Aedan Aylwyn <rapier@...>
      >Sent: Jul 2, 2007 9:31 AM
      >To: 'RapierNet - Fencing in the SCA' <sca-rapier@...>
      >Subject: [RN] Looking for something fun to do? DSMR job posting
      >The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and the Society Earl Marshal are
      >seeking candidates for the position of Deputy Society Marshal for Rapier
      >The DSMR's duties include the following:
      >- Supervision of all Kingdom rapier combat rules to ensure they adhere to
      >current Society rules.
      >- Maintaining, updating and enforcing the Society rules for rapier combat.
      >- Acting as a resource for Kingdom Rapier Marshals (KRMs) and all rapier
      >marshals throughout the Society.
      >- Acting as a resource for other Society and Kingdom officers for other
      >combat disciplines when coordination is needed.
      >- Coordination of bids for the annual Known World Academy of the Rapier
      >- Administration of an electronic mailing list for KRMs.
      >- Regular reporting to the Society Earl Marshal and the Board of Directors.
      >The successful candidate should have the following skills/competencies:
      >- Excellent communication skills (written, oral and electronic) and the
      >ability to work with other Corporate, Society and Kingdom officers and
      >- Extensive familiarity with Society level armored and rapier combat rules.
      >- Strong knowledge of the differences in rapier "culture" between the
      >various SCA kingdoms.
      >- Knowledge of current Society Rapier policies and issues currently facing
      >SCA rapier combatants.
      >- Ability to meet deadlines.
      >- Familiarity with SCA Corporate and Kingdom structure.
      >As the bulk of the management of the office is now done electronically, a
      >reliable internet connection is also required.
      >The current Deputy Society Marshal for Rapier intends to step down in the
      >fall of 2007, around the time of the Known World Academy of the Rapier.
      >Applications for the office will be accepted through September 15, 2007 and
      >the successful applicant will be notified in October. Please include both
      >an SCA and a modern resume. Send resumes to marshal@... and
      >Please cross post to your Kingdom and other lists.
      >Yours in joyful service,
      >Master Aedan Aylwyn, Provost, OP Society Rapier Marshal
      >Email: rapier (at) sca.org
      >* * Longum iter est per praecepta, breve et efficax per exempla * *
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