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  • Carol Knight
    I love a lead-in.... The Rapier Show for the kids is scheduled for 9:30-10:30, right after we have fun with tiles (mosaics) What I would like to see covered is
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      I love a lead-in....

      The Rapier Show for the kids is scheduled for 9:30-10:30, right after we
      have fun with tiles (mosaics)
      What I would like to see covered is basics, such as, a very short history of
      Rapier in Period, the armor we use and why, the forms we authorize in (who's
      got the funniest soft parry?) and show some of the terminology that we use
      (what is a parry and so on) and put on a couple of real fights, complete
      with bows. Show them the Rapier style of Chivalry on the field. (hehehe)

      We can then let them try it out, with a rapier pell as an opponent.

      I tried to schedule it early enough in the morning, where it won't be too
      hot, and everyone is awake. I also thought of Cameron's class at 11. Having
      this at 9:30 or 9:45 would have everyone free to attend either Cam's or
      Stefan's class at 11.

      So, if anyone is willing to help out, lead or otherwise show up and
      talk/fight/teach, just let me know. I have no idea how many will show, I
      just tell you that it will be for 5 and up.



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      Hey Everyone!
      Not much sword-play is scheduled for RUM, but if you happen to be going, I
      would like to have a hand in the kitchen with Breakfast! Yes, that early
      morning thing. Tell your students I will personally run Authorizations at
      RUM for anyone who helps out at breakfast. (I am certainly telling all MY
      students that.) As for the rest of you, well, it is Air conditioned.

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    • sigurdgrunewald
      Okay...apparently my ISP s web mail features don t work too well...let s try that again... This weekend will be Easaraigh s Thing in the Woods V. For those
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        Okay...apparently my ISP's web mail features don't work too
        well...let's try that again...

        This weekend will be Easaraigh's Thing in the Woods V. For those who
        haven't heard, there WILL be rapier activities. We currently have a
        Highwayman/woods scenario planned as well as our traditional
        Centaur's Glade tourney.

        In addition to rapier, we have heavy combat planned, classes, and the
        Iron Bow guild will have a plethora of archery activities. We will
        have breakfast, a fundraiser lunch, a sumptuous feast prepared by
        Lady Margaret Northwode, and SNOW CONES! Traveller's fare will also
        be available Friday night prepared by THL Faelen.

        Thing in the Woods will be held and Camp Tubb in Rock Island, TN.
        Directions and more can be found at:

        Please note - there are multiple permutations of highway 70 in the
        Cookeville/Sparta/Crossville area. 70S is not south on 70. So long
        as that caveat is followed, the directions available via the website
        and Google maps are accurrate.

        If you have additional questions, my phone number is listed in the
        Pop Chiv and on the website (sometimes it comes in handy being
        married to the Seneschal and Feastcrat). Unfortunately, our hard-
        drive is impersonating a paper weight at present, so it is doubtful
        I'll get another chance to check email prior to the event.

        See you there!

        Sigurd Grunewald - Rapier Marshal in Charge
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