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  • basem omar
    May 27, 2008
      You may be a Christian Protestant, Catholic, Jew, an atheist or an agnostic; or you may belong to any of many different religious denominations existing in today's world. You might even be a coummunist or believe in man's democracy as the rule on earth.

      Whoever you are and whatever ideological or political beliefs, social habits you may hold, there is no doubt

      You Must (really) Know This man MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him).

      to see the movie "Legacy of a Prophet"

      http://freedocument aries.org/ film.php? id=56

      for clips about the movie to see what it is all about

      http://www.upf. tv/upf06/ VideoLibrary/ MuhammadLegacyof aProphet/ tabid/142/ Default.aspx

      to know what nonmuslims (those who study his life) said about him

      http://www.islamtom orrow.com/ muhammad/