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  • Arlene Cozzi
    Hi Linda, I m not sure how helpful this will be as I don t know the Sessa s or Polisciano s, but Zaccaria Papa was my great uncle, brother to my grandmother
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      Hi Linda,

      I'm not sure how helpful this will be as I don't know the Sessa's or Polisciano's, but Zaccaria Papa was my great uncle, brother to my grandmother Antonia Papa.  The two of them, before each married, were buskers performing in London and Paris, sending money home to the farm. I only mention this because if birth records can't be found for Erminia/Emily it may be that she was born in one of those other cities.  Antonia's first son was born in London.

      Zaccaria and Arcangela had a daughter, Maryann, born, wed and died in Italy a year after her husband, Tony, died in the war.  They had a son, Francesco Fiorentino, who was then raised by his grandparents.  He and most of his aunts and uncles were born in Europe, except possibly the youngest ones.  These were Emily m. Tony Pope, Vincenza/Jansie/Virginia m. a DeFrancesco, Thomasina/Elsie, Gaitano/Danny, Jenny, who died young (I think in her 20's), and Lizzie m. Frenchie Garippo, (not necessary listed in the order of birth) and at this time I don't have all the mates'  names.
        Emily had 9 children that we know of, so maybe there were a couple of misses to make up the 11.  Yes, a couple of those children are still alive and there are, of course, grandchildren.
      As far as I remember Emily and Tony's children were/are: MichaelAngelo, Angie, Tommy, Eugene, Mary, and maybe Joey.

      I don't know who is on line but will try to find out for you or, at least, get more information.

      Arlene Cozzi

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      Subject: Re: [senerchia-italy] Frank Pope...
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      Date: Tuesday, August 26, 2008, 9:08 AM

      I really appreciate this Donna - and anyone else who could shed some light ...I would very much love to trace mym dads family as he has no one left , his sis and bro died within 3 weeks of eachother 2 years ago , and he has become a very sad withdrawn man - and he keeps mentioning his auntie and uncle writing to him when he initially came to the UK from Senerchia and sending him pics - of which I have attached previously to the senerchia groups website ..it would really make his day if he could get in touch with a member of the family ...
      Thanks again

      --- On Tue, 26/8/08, D K <dmkitaly@yahoo. com> wrote:
      From: D K <dmkitaly@yahoo. com>
      Subject: Re: [senerchia-italy] Frank Pope...
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      Date: Tuesday, 26 August, 2008, 1:55 AM

      Linda, Looking through the old messages, I see that Antonio Pope (Giovannantonio Papa) b. 1885 married Erminia Papa 1895.
      Erminia/Emily Papa/Pope was born in Illinois (guessing here) to Zaccaria Papa and Arcangela Papa.
      Giovannantonio/ Antonio Papa/Pope arrived in 1903 and went to Chicago to his grandmother Antonia Sessa.
      Antonia Sessa arrived in 1894 with her (more assumptions) daughter in law Anna DiVita who was married to Lorenzo Polisciano.
      The only records for Tony and Emily Pope that I can find are the 1920 and 1930 Illinois census records. 
      I cannot find arrival or other for: Francesco/Frank Papa/Pope; Antonia Sessa/Polisciano; Anna DiVita/Polisciano; Lorenzo Polisciano.
      Having said all that there is one ultra slim possiblity. The 1920 census lists Joseph Pope age 4, born about 1926. In the WWII casualties list there is one Joseph M Pope son of Mr and Mrs Anthony Pope living at 3720 W 64 Place, Chicago. But - this could be any one of the many Anthony Popes in Chicago. In the military graves there is Joseph Michael Pope b. May 24, 1925 and died Feb 6, 2002. The SSDI has one Joseph M Pope who last resided at Waukegan, Illinois. And there are directory listings for him having lived at 296 Betty St in Waukegan, Illinois from 1993 to 2002. I have no way of knowing if he had a family or who they are.
      Maybe someone can try to look up an obituary for Joseph M Pope. And maybe there is someone in the group with family from Chicago who knows something of Antonia Sessa b. abt 1836, Anna DiVita b. 1868, Lorenzo Polisciano b. 1867.
      Sorry I can't be more helpful.
      Donna K

      linda papa <lndpapa@yahoo. co.uk> wrote:

      Can anyone - Donna - find out if Antonio Pope left Senerchia for Chicago is my grandfather' s brother  - (my grandfather' s Frank) and who eventuallly had 11 children - HIs wife was called Ermilia Pope , and they had a son who died tragically in a public swimming pool. Can someone who has access to records or who can view the information can advise if any of the relatives are still alive please

      I look forward to hearing from someone


      Linda Papa

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