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3759Arcangelo Papa married Maria Giuseppa Papa

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  • senerchiadenise
    Dec 7 10:20 AM
      Well, this is interesting. My great grandfather (Federico Papa), his brother Arcangelo Papa, married their other brother (Raffaele Papa's) daughter! So Arcangelo Papa married his niece, who was 22 years younger than he was, and they had 5 children together.

      Amazing what you see in these charts. I knew a lot of information about my grandfather and great grandfather's immediate family in Chicago because of my research. What I didn't realize was how many of his immediate family also were in Chicago with him at the same time.

      Federico's 2 sisters stayed in Senerchia, one brother died in Cava de'Tirreni, Salerno, one brother went to France, and two of his brothers were in Chicago with him. That I did not know. Interesting to see now.

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