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  • senerchiadenise
    Dec 7, 2013
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      Well, I have prepared an Excel spreadsheet of all names on the Chart for Lorenzo Mazzone and Camilla Corbo. I've begun the work on the Chart for Giuseppe Papa and Maria Rosa Calzaretto. I think these two charts are two of the largest. It will take a while. I am running all of these indexes into one spreadsheet. I can then manipulate it to have all information together, and be able to separate and create additional indexes to minimize things. It will take a while to get this done. As you know, our two Donnas have done some tremendous work on these charts and this will be hugely valuable indexes. I'm stunned by all the information and work these ladies have done. Donna C doesn't seem to be with us any longer, but Donna K is as she is related to these people, but Donna C was not.

      The information being extracted into columns is as follows:

      Surname | Given Names | Birth Date | Birth Place | Death Date | Death Place | Father | Mother | Spouse | Date of Marriage, Place | Notes (could be where they are buried, if known, whether a twin (several of these), one set is a triplet, etc.) | Chart they are on | Number of Individual on that chart or if they married one on the chart (I indicate either # or +. The + indicates that they married the person whose number is listed on the family chart.)

      So you see, this is why it is taking me a while to get this accomplished, but I think it will be very helpful. You will be able to look at a birth index, death index, marriage index or chart, and be able to tell what number they are and on what chart they appear. Then that chart contains other additional information that Donna K has added. You won't have to sit and read every chart to see where your ancestor may be listed.

      Thanks for your patience.