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  • senerchiadenise
    Dec 7, 2013
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      Periodically, I see that members' emails are bouncing off the list and you are not getting mail for the list.

      If you would like to provide me an alternate email address for you, I would keep it separate and not subbed to the list. If I see that your email is being bounced, I can send you a separate email to let you know that it is bouncing and you can then let me know if you want to repair the subscription, or if you intended to be removed from the list.

      That will help me quite a bit as the list could be getting busier with the new site going online and with more information being posted, as well as the photos and other files.

      If you would like to send me a private email, please send your additional email to me at:


      That way I can keep the email off of this mail list, but still connected to the work I am doing here.

      Thanks so much.