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3753Re: [senerchia-italy] DONNA - Lorenzo Mazzone & Camilla Corbo chart

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  • D K
    Dec 1, 2013
      Denise, these films are not online.
      I checked my notes and there were 4 marriages that I recorded for that day. 

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      Subject: [senerchia-italy] DONNA - Lorenzo Mazzone & Camilla Corbo chart


      On the above chart, can you please double check the following information for me?

      Person #10 - Camilla Mazzone marries Paolo Cuozzo on 9 Apr 1964, Senerchia.

      Person #11 - Zaccaria Mazzone marries Maria Antonia Cozzi on 9 Apr 1864, Senerchia.

      Seemed unusual, so I just wanted to double check that they both married on the same date.


      Also, for some reason, when I just went into Yahoo Groups, everything is huge on my screen. Hopefully, that isn't happening to the mail when you are receiving it. Probably just a resolution issue on my computer. However, please let me know if the email is coming in as usual and not gigantic as it is on my screen. LOL Thanks.


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