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  • D K
    Sep 5, 2013
      Hey Deborah!
      Pasquale Cozzi was the mayor (sindaco).
      Vincenzo Frunzi and Gaetano Cataldo were witnesses.
      From: Deborah Testa <dtesta@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, September 5, 2013 4:00 PM
      Subject: Re: [senerchia-italy] Re: Descendant of Felice Cuozzo & Rosalina
      Wow!  I just found the original entry for my husband's great-grandmother Erberta Cozzi on image #71.  I've see the estratto, but never the original image.  It's very moving.  These are hard to read, but I managed to find it.  I've read through the original records of other nearby towns using microfilm readers at the local Family History Center.  The accessibility of the handwriting varies widely from book to book.  It gets so much easier once you know what you're looking for.  I see "P. Cozzi "Gaetano Cataldo ??" throughout—were those the officials who made these entries?  Thanks so much for sending this information.

      From: D K <dmkitaly@...>Reply-To: Senerchia-Italy <senerchia-italy@yahoogroups.com>Date: Thursday, September 5, 2013 7:45 AMTo: Senerchia-Italy <senerchia-italy@yahoogroups.com>Subject: Re: [senerchia-italy] Re: Descendant of Felice Cuozzo & Rosalina

      You're welcome. 
      The civil records we read are from microfilms (1866-1910) created by the LDS. We viewed the films at the local LDS on a film reader. Last November the films for Senerchia became available online on their website. The images online are much better than
      the reader. The earlier film for Senerchia that I also read (1861-1865) is not online yet.
      Go to familysearch.org
      Click search
      Scroll down, click continental europe
      Under place, scroll down to Italy
      Under title, scroll down to Italy, Avellino, Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi, Civil Registration
      Click browse images
      Click Avellino
      Click Senerchia

      From: Tony <italianstanger@...>
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      Sent: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 10:38 PM
      Subject: Re: [senerchia-italy] Re: Descendant of Felice Cuozzo & Rosalina
      Interesting attachment.  Is that from a Church?  I'll try and read the entire page this week or weekend. Let's leave everything as is for Vito and Pasqualina for now and I'll try and dig more on them specifically. I can confirm Emil is Emidio as per his delayed birth certificate and baptism certificate. Appreciate the response and I'll do a little more digging.
      Thank you again.

      From: D K <dmkitaly@...>
      To: "senerchia-italy@yahoogroups.com" <senerchia-italy@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 7:33 PM
      Subject: Re: [senerchia-italy] Re: Descendant of Felice Cuozzo & Rosalina
      pink below

      From: "italianstanger@..." <italianstanger@...>
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      Sent: Wednesday, Sept, ember 4, 2013 9:54 AM
      Subject: [senerchia-italy] Re: Descendant of Felice Cuozzo & Rosalina
      OK, I've confirmed this morning that the information I have is correct, and all that the Commune of Senerchia has. On page 2 of 238 it should be Vito Cozzi (NOT Cuozzo) married Concetta Cozzi. Unless we have some other hard evidence that it's Cuozzo. That's why I was inquiring earlier where the data came from. I might write to Senerchia and ask about Vito out of curiosity. We found Cozzi and Cuozzo to change in the records. We tried to use the name  first or most often found. I'd be happy to change Vito Cuozzo to Vito Cozzi.
      Here are some Cuozzo examples , all are desc of Felice Cuozzo and Rosolina Guarnaccia:
      Son of Raimondo and Angela Maria Sessa : b. Antonio Cuozzo Oct 13 1861, d. Antonio Cuozzo Oct 9 1862
      Dau of  Angelo Maria and Antonia Papa: b. Maria Cristina Cuozzo Nov 16 1885, d. Cristina Cozzi Nov 14 1866
      Son of Beniamino and Maria Onesto: b. about 1860, d. Giuseppe Cuozzo Jun 16 1861
      Vincenzo Cozzi's birth date is correct. On page 11 of 238 Vincenzo Cozzi married Filomena Sessa first, and his second wife was Pasqualina. Filomena was 21 years old when married on April 26, 1877 with Vincenzo. We have a slight issue with Pasqualina's last name as I've confirmed it is correct that she was not born in Senerchia. Your data shows birth in Calabritto as Pasqualina DiVito. I read DiVito on their marriage bann in Senerchia. I'd be happy to change it to Vita or DeVita.
      The 1889 banns and marriages are missing from the Calabritto films so I can't check them. I also did not find the civil birth record for Pasqualina in Calabritto. There is a boy Pasquale born in 1866, a girl Marianna born in 1868 and another girl Gesummina Filomena born in 1872. All the surnames read DeVita. I've only read the Calbritto births through 1874.  

      In Senerchia they show Pasqualina Vita as the wife on Vincenzo's death certificate and then they show Pasqualina DeVita on Giuseppe Cozzi's (their son) birth certificate. Could be a dialect or recording error, but in the future I'll contact Calabritto to find confirmation. On page 70 of 238 the child of Giuseppe Cozzi and Maria Giuseppa Onesto was Emidio Cozzi, not Emilio. Here in America he was referenced as Emilio/Emil but was born Emidio. I never found the birth certificate in Chicago. I'll change Emilio to Emidio. I guess we'll all be back in touch! --- In senerchia-italy@yahoogroups.com, Denise Wells <dawells2@...> wrote: > > All records have been compiled by our two Donnas. One Donna has not been responding to emails for several years now; however, Donna K is still with us. She would be the person who will be able to give you more information. > > DONNA: can you fill him in? > > Denise > > > On Sep 4, 2013, at 12:38 AM, "italianstanger@..." <italianstanger@...> wrote: > > > Denise, > > Regarding this file, where was the info eztracted from?? > > Check page 2 of the document. > > I'm confirming with Senerchia but with the marriage, birth and death certificates I have from Senerchia for Vincenzo Cozzi show his father to be Vito Cozzi and not Cuozzo. > > I'll update you this week, but curious where this older data was even obtained from. > > Thank you. Chat soon. > > Anthony > > > > >
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