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hp Science Lecture : Simon Singh (fwd)

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  • Libby Miller
    Martin s pointed out that this clashes with Peter Flach s research seminar on machine learning at ILRT. Looks interesting though. Libby ... From: Rowe, Roz
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 25, 2002
      Martin's pointed out that this clashes with Peter Flach's research
      seminar on machine learning at ILRT. Looks interesting though.


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      Subject: hp Science Lecture : Simon Singh
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      The next HP Science Lecture will be given by Simon Singh, Author, Journalist
      and TV Producer, on

      "Cracking the Cipher Challenge"

      Further details are attached.

      HP Science Lectures are open to the public. Please forward this message to
      any friends or colleagues who might be interested. A drinks party is held
      following the lecture to give the audience an opportunity to meet the
      speaker in person.

      Registration for the lecture is not required but, to help with catering,
      please let me know if you would like to attend the drinks party.


      Roz Rowe
      Science Lecture Administrator

      Date: Wednesday, 27 November 2002

      Time: 5.00 p.m. GMT

      Title: Cracking the Cipher Challenge

      Speaker: Simon Singh
      Author, Journalist and TV Producer

      Venue: Cabot Auditorium, Building 3, HP Laboratories, Bristol
      and Broadcast Live to

      IU Lambda video conference room
      HP Laboratories, Palo Alto at 9.00 am PST

      Gamera conference room, 11th Floor, HP Cambridge, MA
      at 12.00 noon EST



      In "The Code Book", a history of cryptography, the author Simon Singh
      included ten encrypted messages with a prize of £10,000 for the first person
      to decipher all of them. Thousands of amateur and professional codebreakers
      took up the Cipher Challenge, but it took over a year before the messages
      were cracked. Simon Singh will be talking about how he constructed the
      Cipher Challenge and how the winners eventually cracked it. In particular,
      he will be using the Cipher challenge to give an introduction to the history
      of cryptography and to demonstrate why encryption is more important today
      than ever before. Along the way, he will demonstrate a genuine Second World
      War Enigma cipher machine.

      After completing his PhD in particle physics at Cambridge University, Simon
      Singh became a science journalist. He is the author of two best selling
      books, "Fermat's Last Theorem" and "The Code Book", and prior to that he was
      a producer and director in the BBC TV Science Department. He has recently
      presented programmes on BBC radio and Channel 4 (The Science of Secrecy,
      Five Numbers, The Serendipity of Science).

      More information can be found at http://www.simonsingh.net

      Roz Rowe
      Business Administrator
      Application Services Department
      HP Labs, Bristol

      t: +44 (0)117 312 7788
      f: +44 (0)117 312 8003
      e: roz_rowe@...

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