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  • Sabrina Laurent
    Hello Everyone! The June issue of Bohème Magazine is Now Online at http://www.boheme- magazine.net Please be aware that this month s issue is also available
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      Hello Everyone!

      The June issue of Bohème Magazine is Now Online at http://www.boheme-

      Please be aware that this month's issue is also available in a
      formatted, easy to print PDF file. You'll need the free Adobe
      Acrobat Reader software to view and print the file. It is 24 single-
      sided A4 pages and the entire file is 733 KB. For maximum ease of
      printing, the print edition does not feature any images and is in
      simple black and white. Please consider printing out a copy and
      giving it to someone who may be interested, leave it on the train,
      in the library, etc.!

      Please also remember our new Multilanguage section featuring work in
      French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish. We hope to add more languages
      soon - such as Esperanto, Russian and Arabic - so please consider
      submitting your own work in any of these languages.

      In this month's note from the editors, we make a few announcements,
      such as the planning of a new Library Section to the website.

      On page 2 you'll find "June Birthdays" featuring short notes on a
      few writers and artists born in June.

      On Page 3 Bohème asks for your help in renewing our webspace
      subscription which will expire in September.

      Page 4 has four paintings by this month's cover artist Patricia

      On Page 5 we announce our first annual Bohème Visual Arts and
      Literature Competition! Please check out the official announcement
      for details!

      On page 6 we invite you to give your opinion about Bohème in a quick
      12 question survey.

      Eamon's Bookmark is in Albert Camus's classic essay on revolt and
      revolution, The Rebel.

      On Page 9 Sabrina Laurent pays tribute to French Sculptor Camille

      On Page 10 you'll find some of the latest news from LA-Based band DJ

      On Page 13 there is a short review of the Modern Russian Classic
      Alone by Evgeny Zamyatin.

      Page 14 features five works by Lithuanian artist Ruta Cepinskaite.

      Sabrina Laurent continues her study of the great pictorial movements
      with an article on Art Nouveau.

      The sixth installment of the Subversive's Dictionary defines "The
      Five Nons"

      Our original literature this month features Hanuman Zhang, Marvin,
      Ahmed-El Ezabi, Eamon Graham, Mohannad Elkhouly, elmoro, Paul
      Fontaine and, as always, our feline Dada poet Mina!

      Be sure to check out our Games page for new games!

      We thank you again for your continued support of Bohème Magazine

      Check us out at http://www.boheme-magazine.net and feel free to drop
      a comment or submit us some of your own work!

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