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Out with the old and in with the new

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  • Damian Michaels: Managing Director / Art
    Please find attached the URL to an article that was sent to me by Gabrielle Nowicki. This article is from one of Canada s national newspapers. It presents us
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2002
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      Please find attached the URL to an article that was sent to me by Gabrielle Nowicki. This article is from one of Canada's national newspapers. It presents us with a Canadian perspective of outsider art.

      Although the article is saying nothing really new, what it does do is add to the growing list of similar articles popping up all around the world regarding the genre. I sincerely believe that the field of 'outsider' art (not to be confused with Visionary art) has already seen its peak and is finally coming down the other side of the mountain. By its very nature, any success outsider art would find, would also be the beginning to its ultimate demise.

      In many ways I am happy to see the last chapters of that movement, so as to make way for our 'Visionary Art' movement, which does not discriminate between self-taught and schooled artists, or judge on how knowledgeable or technically sophisticated artists are with their work.

      It is the work itself which is most important. Artists of this movement invite all to take that internal journey with them, be it intuitive, spiritual, psychological... for these artists it is about finding truth. Be it deeply personal or a broader collective truth, it is a journey of questions and revelation. How much more relevant can a movement be which explores the very limits of ourselves and our humanity, in a time where our humanity and its very existence is placed teetering at the edge.

      Thank you Gabrielle for sharing this article and for inspiring me once again to hold fast to the mission which I and many other artists hold so dear to hearts. Our moment is just around the corner. The Visionary Art movement will soon shine like a great beakon in the darkness of these troubled times. To my fellow artists, let us make the most of the gift that we have been given.

      - Damian

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