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Hebrew Activities for the week of August 02, 2009

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  • Paul E. Baronowsky
    Hebrew Activities for the week of August 02, 2009 This summary is posted Sundays near 1800hr GMT. Coordinators: please check your group listing and send
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2009
      Hebrew Activities for the week of August 02, 2009

      This summary is posted Sundays near 1800hr GMT.
      Coordinators: please check your group listing and send updates to Paul
      Baronowsky <paulb2@...>

      This is a summary of current activities on the selfstudyhebrew list, an
      open email list dedicated to the study of the Hebrew language: Classical
      (Biblical), Rabbinic, and Modern. Active groups include:

      � J. Weingreen, 'Classical Hebrew Composition' (Biblical - intermediate)
      � M. Mansoor, 'Biblical Hebrew Step by Step' (Biblical - beginners)
      � L. Uveeler, N.M. Bronznick, 'Hayesod: Fundamentals of Hebrew'
      (Modern - beginners)
      � Genesis (Hebrew Typing Skills; Translation Optional)
      � 1 Samuel (Biblical Translation - intermediate)

      Anyone may join or drop a study group at any time. If you are
      interested in participating in a particular group: first, check that
      group's web page; if you do not find the information you seek, send
      email to that group's coordinator. If you wish to start a new group,
      initiate the discussion on the list and/or contact one of the
      coordinators listed below for assistance.

      A volunteer coordinator will set a study group's agenda, and will
      collect and collate assignments, which will then be posted to the list
      for comparison and discussion.

      Questions or comments of general interest should be posted to

      _Subscription FAQ_

      To subscribe, unsubscribe, or manage your subscription, go to:

      To post to the list: send email to <selfstudyhebrew@yahoogroups.com>

      To submit assignments: see address in the listing for each Group below.

      Some other language self-study email lists of possible interest:

      Greek: Homeric, Classical, Hellenistic (Koine/Biblical)
      to subscribe to greekstudy@..., go to:
      See also: http://www.quasillum.com/greek/greek-activities.php

      Latin: Classical, Post-classical, Medieval, Ecclesiatical
      to subscribe to latinstudy@..., go to:
      See also: http://www.ravendays.org/latin/lists/listindex.html

      Modern German:
      to subscribe to germanstudy@..., go to:
      See also: http://homepage.mac.com/bobertjmurphy/GermanStudy/

      Spanish: Modern
      To subscribe to spanishselfstudy@yahoogroups.com, go to:

      Old English (Anglo-Saxon)
      To subscribe to Early_english@yahoogroups.com, go to:

      To subscribe to StudyingSanskrit@yahoogroups.com, go to:
      Group Listings:

      Group: [WEINCHC] (Biblical-intermediate)
      Coordinator: Kelwin Wylie <hebrew@...>
      Text: J. Weingreen, 'Classical Hebrew Composition', ISBN 0198154232
      Assignments: Send to <hebrewassignments@...>
      All assignments are due by midnight Monday evenings.
      Assignment contents will be posted each week.

      Sun Aug 02 Assignment 3-7
      Sun Aug 09 Assignment 4-1

      Group: [Mansoor] (Biblical-beginners)
      Coordinator: Berel Beyer <berelbeyer@...>
      Text: M. Mansoor, Biblical Hebrew Step by Step, Vol 1, 2nd ed, Aug 1999;
      ISBN 0801060419
      Group web page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/selfstudyhebrew/message/5150
      Assignments: Send to <hebrewassignments@...>
      Assignments are due Sunday very early morning (before 5:00 AM EST [10:00
      Comment: This group is on temporary break until August, 2009.

      Group: [HaYesod 2008] (Modern-beginners)
      Coordinator: Anton Geikie <anton@...>
      Text: L. Uveeler, N.M. Bronznick, 'Hayesod: Fundamentals of Hebrew',
      ISBN: 0873062140
      Group Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/selfstudyhebrew/
      Assignments: Send to Anton Geikie <anton@...>
      Assignments: Due by midnight, local time

      Sun May 31 Chapter 21
      Status of this group is uncertain.

      Group: [Ivrit Min HaHatchala] (Modern Spoken - Intermediate)
      Coordinator: Berel Beyer <berelbeyer@...>
      Text: Hebrew From Scratch Textbook Part II, (Academon, 2006)
      CD: Hebrew From Scratch Audio CD Set Part II (Academon, 2006)
      Group web page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/selfstudyhebrew/message/5204
      Related website: http://www.skype.com
      Questions: Send to <berelbeyer@...>

      This group has no written assignments. Participants listen to an
      assigned segment from the CD and meet on Skype once per week to read
      aloud, chat in Ivrit, and/or do related exercises.

      ***This group is currently on hiatus. Anyone interested in restarting
      the group (from anywhere in Book II) should email Berel at the address
      listed above.***

      Group: [Genesis] (Hebrew Typing Skills)
      Coordinator: Charlie White <c97whie@yahoo. com.au>
      Text: Any Hebrew text of Genesis
      Recommended: Biblical Hebrew Lexicon (e.g., BDB or Holladay)
      Group Website: http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/selfstudyh ebrew
      Assignments: Send to <c97white@yahoo. com.au>
      Assignments due Midnight your local time

      Sun Aug 02 Genesis 1:23
      Sun Aug 09 Genesis 1: 24
      Sun Aug 16 Genesis 1: 25
      Sun Aug 23 Genesis 1: 26
      Sun Aug 30 Genesis 1: 27
      Sun Sept 06 Genesis 1: 28
      Sun Sept 13 Genesis 1: 29
      Sun Sept 20 Genesis 1: 30
      Sun Sept 27 Genesis 1: 31
      Sun Oct 04 Genesis 2: 01

      Group: [1Sam] (Intermediate Biblical Translation)
      Coordinator: Paul Baronowsky <paulb2@...>
      Text: Any Hebrew text of 1 Samuel
      Recommended: Biblical Hebrew Lexicon (e.g., BDB or Holladay)
      Assignments: Send to <paulb2@...>
      Assignments due Midnight GMT - 7:00PM EST

      Sun Aug 02 2Sam 03:11-15
      Sun Aug 09 2Sam 03:16-20
      Sun Aug 16 2Sam 03:21-25
      Sun Aug 23 2Sam 03:26-30
      Sun Aug 30 2Sam 03:31-35
      Sun Sep 06 Break for Labor Day holiday in US
      Sun Sep 13 2Sam 03:36-39 [End Ch 03]


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