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1061still did not produce the note

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  • Kingsman Funding
    Jun 8, 2017

      As we have said,  there may be hope even after there is a judgment in place to foreclose and the court has rejected direct efforts to oppose it.  We have been trying to find the legal way  to reopen this where they have to pay attention to evidence we have amassed since my coming into the case.

      With the judgment in place, the court ordered mediation before foreclosure could begin.

      Our party went to  mediation and the bank needed more information from him. 
      The date for them to meet was set in December.
      He was to bring the latest pay stubs he has  and the bank was to bring the Note, mortgage and the exact pay off. 
      This is exactly what we wanted in the final analysis anyway because we don’t think they have it and will be able to do this or demonstrate their ownership of it. We can only suppose the court is taking into consideration what we had argued seemingly as a precaution just to be sure unjust claim is not about to be enforced.  When the date came for the meeting the bank did not show up but instead put in request to delay it till January. This leads us to believe, the note, which had never been produced yet by anybody, cannot be produced by them either. Our party may be vindicated finally and will get justice even when It is suppose to be over if they really don’t  own the loan.

      We will see what happens in January.  Mediation can be used to your advantage when there is a proper legal dispute and defense in place. We will try to answer any questions, Dr Weatherly


      On another very important subject let me add something.
      Most people don't understand this, but God was in Christ paying for all our sins on the cross and its over and done and finished and He's not angry with us about anything any more.
      The Bible says, He is for us, not against us.
      He died in our place to purchase us for Himself and if you'll give in to Him, there's nothing He won't be able to do in your life.
      I know, I have been with Him for 33 years.
      And when we finally leave this world, we'll live with Him forever,  
      if we belong to Him.
      If you need to think about that or you have someone in mind that does, I'll be glad to talk with them. My number again was 662-489-6554. I just wanted you to know that.
       Dr. Weatherly


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