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1060most strategies end in the same place

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  • Kingsman Funding
    May 31, 2017

      No matter what approaches you want to take even apart from legal action, if the other side wants to dispute you it is going into court. Those with their special remedies  may tell you it is not but to bring any finality to it or to enforce whatever you have done you must do it  under the law or at least get it to where there is no legal decision in finality.

      You may wind up going through some processes that are suppose to bring conclusion but they will not stop creditors from gaining judgment in court.

      As you may already have found out you will not get an attorney to support you in these approaches, he has too much at risk with the powers that be. So you are on your own.


      Many people are disappointed with the assessment  we tell them of how this is likely to play out.

      We could paint an untrue picture as many do but the reality will still be the same. Nothing worth this much money to achieve is going to be gained from another easily. It requires a hard consistant fight with your wits about you. This is what I have seen.

      There are no quick fixes or magic bullets. You have to fight and win or show you are likely to before they will settle or leave you alone. I know people  who have been through 3 or 4 well known elimination or discharge of debt programs and when they finally face going to Court about it there is no one around to help. And that is where all these efforts end up if the other side doesn't roll over.

      You need  a good fight  based on law and fact you can prove if you want to make it,  with a strategy behind it that gives the hearty soul the chance to win. The stakes are high and the fight may be long but the reward is comensurate with the trouble. As is true for anything in life. If there are specific questions we will try to address these. 

      Dr. Weatherly




      On another very important subject let me add something.
      Most people don't understand this, but God was in Christ paying for all our sins on the cross and its over and done and finished and He's not angry with us about anything any more.
      The Bible says, He is for us, not against us.
      He died in our place to purchase us for Himself and if you'll give in to Him, there's nothing He won't be able to do in your life.
      I know, I have been with Him for 33 years.
      And when we finally leave this world, we'll live with Him forever,  
      if we belong to Him.
      If you need to think about that or you have someone in mind that does, I'll be glad to talk with them. My number again was 662-489-6554. I just wanted you to know that.
       Dr. Weatherly



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