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new thesis using Self

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  • Jecel Assumpcao Jr
    Reinaldo Silveira will be defending his PhD thesis in a week or so. The title is DIRETRIZES PARA UMA NOVA METODOLOGIA DE PROJETO DIGITAL ( Directions for a
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2004
      Reinaldo Silveira will be defending his PhD thesis in a week or so. The
      ("Directions for a New Method for Digital Design").

      Here is a page with a short description of the work:


      And here is a more detailed abstract from the thesis
      This work presents a new methodology for digital design, called
      "Designer Oriented Methodology" (DO). The main idea behind the DO
      methodology is to make the computational tools closer to the domain of
      application. This is done by eliminating, from the design flow, tasks
      and concepts strange or superfluous to the final user. This methodology
      uses especially designed computer tools to avoid or hide unwanted
      aspects of the design from the user (hardware designer), The design
      process should interact with the system in a way that the designer's
      attention should be totally focused on the subject of his/hers work, as
      much as possible. Like a player and his game are involved and absorbed
      by the reality of the game.

      To demonstrate the methodology, it is presented the system SelfHDL which
      is a hardware description language written in the programming language
      Self. SelfHDL uses graphical and textual elements to elaborate a
      description of a digital system, that is extremely simple to be
      understood allowing its use as didactic support system for the
      education aid of digital systems. The described system can also be
      simulated in interactive mode, through a virtual environment where the
      described system is emulated, being able to interact with the user or
      the computer environment that surrounds it, as the real hardware would.
      Being implemented in Self, means that the SelfHDL system does not need
      to be compiled, so any modfication has immediate effect as if the
      system were interpreted. This work presents the implementation of
      SelfHDL and its use in an example project.

      The SelfHDL implementation of the DLX architecture is used as the
      example project. We compare two traditional DLX designs made in VHDL
      with the SelfHDL description and discuss the the advantages of the new
      system. We will see that this new form is very intuitive for designers,
      normally used to deal with graphic models of the elements of their
      domain and whose spirit normally is educated in experimentation and
      manipulation. The SelfHDL system is a propitious environment where the
      designers can evaluate many alternatives for their projects under
      development. Finally, we conclude the work speaking of the
      potentialities of the new system and the future works we intend to
      dedicate or advise as a new research field in order to extend the
      system and to make it more powerful.

      I think Reinaldo has done a great job of capturing the spirit of Self
      and Morphic in this application. Congratulations!

      -- Jecel
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