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Self's evolution?

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  • Albertina Lourenci
    ACockburn@aol.com wrote: Is this Algirdas Julien Greimas? I want to study him in depth Winfried e-mailed me a chapter on him from his Handbook of Semiotics in
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2001
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      ACockburn@... wrote:

      Is this Algirdas Julien Greimas? I want to study him in depth
      Winfried e-mailed me a chapter on him from his Handbook of
      Semiotics in Portuguese (he is still writing it).

      So you see I am dividing my time right now between having to
      read Greimas in depth and Apel's books.

      The experts concern with separation of concerns (Ossher, Tarr et al)

      criticize the tyranny of decomposition only in terms of function, rule,
      procedure, class or object. Likewise Greimas criticizes the theory
      of the signs. He believes there should be higher reasoning structures
      above and  below the sign (a word).
      The recent interest in component-programming languages as well as
      with separation of concerns, aspects etc is an isomorphic concern
      to Greimas's concern.

      I will delve deeper into this from now on. Jim Coplien's PhD thesis
      Multi-paradigm design in essence seems to have the same concerns.
      And like you Alistair what puzzles me is that he manages to see this
      in the context of C++! I was delighted to realize this. At first sight
      in April I thought his was proposing a fusion of rule, logic, procedural
      paradigms. I have read so many papers about this and I think it was
      rather disgusting!

      For me the Self language is the one that fits better within the context
      of "a semiotic, hermeneutic and autopoietic Machine". I believe we
      can see it within  a multi-paradigm design perspective!

      It can be embellished with aspects, reflective architectures and the role
      of design patterns coping with macrocomponents.

      I am happy that Jim Coplien e-mailed me the following attachment
      about Metaphor and methonymy in object oriented design patterns
      and I am happy because it is also written by James Noble, a Self's

      Have  afun-filled, creative weekend

      p.s., Also, and I don't have your book in this building with me here, I enjoyed your description of information at the receiver's end - If I had the book here I'd mention the name of the person you describe who has the theory (French name starts with A...?)
       This is a topic I separately bring up and develop in my book,

      Alistair Cockburn
      Humans and Technology

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