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  • BarryM
    Announcing Triskeles Auctions www.triskeles-auctions.com We are pleased to announce the formation of a new auction venue,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2013
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      Announcing Triskeles Auctions
      www.triskeles-auctions.com <http://www.triskeles-auctions.com/>

      We are pleased to announce the formation of a new auction venue,
      Triskeles Auctions. Triskeles is the brainchild of Barry P. Murphy and
      John C. Lavender, who together have more than 35 years of numismatic
      experience. Our first sale, which includes over 250 attractive and
      interesting coins and useful books, goes live on March 14 and closes on
      April 3.

      Each sale will run for three weeks, opening and closing on Thursdays
      with closing time beginning at 12:00 PM EST. Lots will close
      approximately every 2 minutes. Additionally, lots will close in an
      extended bidding format, meaning any bids placed in the last 2 minutes
      before a lot closes extends bidding for an additional 2 minutes. This
      allows participants who have been outbid an opportunity to increase
      their bid.

      Triskeles Auctions offers:

      - Authenticity guarantee by one of the leading experts on coin forgeries
      - No hidden reserves
      - Extended bidding to limit disappointing outbid notices
      - Prompt and professional shipping

      Register to bid

      In order to participate in Triskeles Auctions, all bidders must register
      first. Pre-registration is now open and a preview of the upcoming sale
      is available at www.triskeles-auctions.com
      <http://www.triskeles-auctions.com/> .

      If you have material to consign, we'd like to hear from you! Today
      most auction companies only want high value material. Coins of more
      modest value are often relegated to group lots where they are snatched
      up by dealers at wholesale levels. Additionally, minimum value fees can
      wind up costing the collector a fortune. We recognize these problems and
      see a desperate need for an affordable alternative to status quo, and
      this is why we have formed Triskeles Auctions.

      Benefits of consigning to Triskeles Auctions:

      - Professional presentation
      - Low consignor fees
      - Reasonable minimums
      - Disbursements in 30 days
      - Hassle free

      No consignment is too small or too large. We will to travel for larger

      For more information about the services we offer, please contact either
      Barry or John directly, or visit www.triskeles-auctions.com
      <http://www.triskeles-auctions.com/> to review our complete terms for
      both buying and selling.

      We hope that you will register soon and begin enjoying our sales. We
      look forward to serving you!


      Barry P. Murphy
      John C. Lavender
      barry@... <mailto:barry@...>
      john@... <mailto:john@...>

      www.triskeles-auctions.com <http://www.triskeles-auctions.com/>

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