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Homepage for Alexander's Heirs

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  • Jens
    Dear group, thanks for your encouragement. There is now a homepage for my book Alexanders Arvtagare (Alexander s Heirs). On the English page,
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      Dear group,

      thanks for your encouragement. There is now a homepage for my book
      Alexanders Arvtagare (Alexander's Heirs). On the English page,

      there is a brief presentation of the book, and two excerpts from the as
      yet unpublished English version, which has been proofread and improved
      by Mary Lannin. I present the wars of the Diadochi from Seleucus'
      perspective, and the dramatic highlights of the battle for Iran and
      Babylonia between the Seleucids and the Parthians. The texts can be
      distributed freely as long as they are not used commercially or quoted
      without source and link to the page - the usual procedure! Thanks to
      those who have allowed me to use the illustrations.

      If anyone finds errors in the text, I would be grateful if you could
      please contact me!


      Jens Jakobsson

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      "Jens" <jens.jakobsson@...> wrote:
      > Dear group,
      > once again my excuses for a bit of self-promotion.
      > I have just published 'Alexanders Arvtagare' the Swedish version of my
      book 'Alexander's Heirs'. It is available from Sekel Publishing
      (www.sekel.se <http://www.sekel.se> ) or hopefully soon in bookstores in
      Sweden. (You can also contact me, I sell my own share of the edition for
      a somewhat lower price.)
      > The book is essentially a work of popular history, which follows the
      Hellenistic period from a Seleucid perspective, covering the exploits of
      all the kings, as well as presenting the structure of the Seleucid
      Empire. There is also an introduction to Hellenistic science and
      culture. I present a number of anecdotes and wider historical outlooks,
      but my aim is nevertheless to keep up to date with modern research.
      There are of course also passages about Ptolemies, the Hasmoneans and
      other neighbouring states.
      > The Indo-Greeks are treated separately, and here I rely, to some
      extent, on my own research. AFAIK, this chapter is the first popular
      work ever written about the Indo-Greeks. I have tried to confine the
      more difficult analyses to the footnotes.
      > I have written a rough English version of the manuscript, and my
      ambition is to eventually publish the book internationally. If anybody
      is interested in this publication, or just want to read a few excerpts,
      please contact me via this group and I'll be happy to send some sample
      > I've worked with this manuscript since 2004, and I am really pleased
      that it is at last published. I should thank Mark Passehl, LM Wilson,
      Oliver Hoover, Arthur Houghton, Osmund Bopearachchi, CNGcoins,and a lot
      of others who have helped me with both ideas and illustrations.
      > Kindly,
      > Jens Jakobsson

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