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NEWS: Hellenistic coins

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  • Carl Sandler Berkowitz
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2010

      Archaeological Findings: Hellenistic Coins Discovered in Northern Syria
      By H. Sabbagh
      Tuesday, 02 March 2010 15:00

      A collection of Hellenistic coins dating back to the era of Alexander
      the Great were found near Najm Castle in the Manbej area in Aleppo
      governorate (northern Syria ).

      The coins were found by a local man as he was preparing his land for
      construction, uncovering a bronze box that contained around 250 coins.
      He promptly delivered the coins to the authorities who in turn
      delivered them to Aleppo Department of Archaeology and Museum.

      Director of archaeological excavations at Aleppo Department of
      Archaeology and Museum Yousef Kanjo said the box contained two groups
      of silver Hellenistic coins: 137 tetra drachma (four drachmas) coins
      and 115 drachma coins.

      One side of the tetra drachma coins depicts Alexander the Great, while
      the other side depicts the Greek god Zeus sitting on a throne with an
      eagle on his outstretched right arm. 34 of these coins bear the
      inscription "King Alexander" in Greek, while 81 coins bear the
      inscription "Alexander" and 22 coins bear "King Phillip."

      The drachma coins bear the same images as the tetra drachma, with
      "Alexander" inscribed on 100 of them and "Philip" on 15 of them.

      Global Arab Network
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