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Fwd: [Indo-Eurasia] First Annual Indo-Eurasian Paper Prize

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  • Nader Rastegar
    From: Nader Rastegar ispahan1900@yahoo.com Reply to: Steve Farmer RE: First Annual Indo-Eurasian Paper Prize as announced on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2007
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      RE: First Annual Indo-Eurasian Paper Prize as announced on the "Indo-Eurasia" <Indo-Eurasian_research@yahoogroups.com> List.

      Steve Farmer <saf@...> wrote:

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      Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2007 07:28:46 -0800
      Subject: [Indo-Eurasia] First Annual Indo-Eurasian Paper Prize

      Dear List,

      As noted yesterday, Lars Martin Fosse, Michael Witzel, and I are happy to announce a $1750 prize for the best abstract (250-400 word maximum, due before January 31st) for a paper to be delivered at the first annual conference of the International Association for Comparative Mythology, which will be held in Scotland at the University of Edinburgh, 28-20 August 2007.

      We hope this will be the first of a series of research awards that we will be giving in the future through the List via a Research Foundation that we are currently setting up.

      The Edinburgh conference on comparative mythology will cover two main
      themes: the world-wide spread of myths from the earliest prehistoric times and topics related specificially to Indo-European myths.

      As part of both topics, we would like to see one paper given on the multiple origins and/or diffusion of Iranian mythology, under the tentative title (changed as you like) "Iranian Mythology and Ancient Eurasia."

      What we are interesting in is a paper that takes a novel approach to the fusion of Indo-European and Near Eastern elements in early Iranian mythology, or (and this is most in line with our List mission) that deals with the long-range impact in Eurasia of later Iranian mythology, which had influences all the way from the Roman Empire (e.g., in mystery religions like Mithraism) to Central Asia and China (e.g., in Manichaenism).

      The prize money can be used either for travel expenses to Edinburgh or, if other travel funds are available or the participant lives nearby, for research expenses, at the winner's discretion. But awarding of the prize is contingent on the paper actually being given in August in Edinburgh.

      Please send the abstracts by January 31 via email (plain text) to one of us at our regular email address or simply to:


      Happy New Year!
      Steve, Lars Martin, and Michael
      "Steve Farmer, Dr." <saf@...>,
      "Michael Witzel, Dr." <witzel@...>,


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