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2235Coins of the III:rd Antiochus, the son of Antiochus II and Berenice?

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  • egil4870
    Oct 26, 2013

      Dear group,

      now that it has been established that the son of Antiochus II and Berenice was named Antiochus, and that he was crowned as king - or at least that the Ptolemaic administration claimed this - is it not possible that some of the coinage attributed to Antiochus Hierax may in fact be earlier, and belong to his younger half-brother?  Seleucid Coins I (cf part I, p. 293) states that the coinage of Hierax was most diverse, employing portrait types of Antiochus I & II, as well as new types presumably depicting Hierax himself. Could not some of this unusual variation of coins be explained by attributing a faction of them to cities in Asia Minor loyal to Berenice and her young son, c.246-5 BC? Posthumous portraits were at this time common within the Seleucid dynasty, so it would not be remarkable that the hapless infant king was not depicted himself. (In fact, no Hellenistic coins from the 3rd century BC depict infants.)

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