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2231Philip I Tet control revisited for SC 2469

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  • itzik3
    Jun 12, 2013
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      [Please refer to Photo File JG photos PHILIP TET A & B]

      Philip I Philadelphus c. 95/4-perhaps 76/5 BCE

      AR Tetradrachm, 28 mm 15.33 g., Unattributed issue of N. Syria or Cilicia (c.
      after 88/7 BCE)

      SC 2469

      O: diad head of Philip I r., diad ends falling straight behind, fillet border.

      R: [B]ASILEOS PHILIPPOU in two lines on the r., EPIPHANOU[S PH]ILADELPH[OU] in two lines on the l., Zeus seated l., on high-backed throne, holding Nike and
      sceptre, laurel wreath border.

      Control inner left.

      Reference according to SC: Naville X, 15 June 1925, lot 1550 (15.38 g)

      A reference note after the entry for SC 2469 indicates possibly two controls,
      the delta surmounted by an omicron on the inner left and "M (?) under throne".
      I think that the illustrated example, which I recently acquired sheds light on
      the issue of the "M (?)" under the throne.

      The example shown (cf. photo Philip Tet A) is an obverse die match for the
      example (which is the Naville auction coin depicted on Plate 57 of Part II Vol.
      II of SC). The reverse dies are not a match but are generally similar and I
      suspect provide enough information to rule out an "M" control.

      The design under the throne on first and subsequent glances of the photo on
      Plate 57 for SC 2469 seems to be an "M" due to wear and the various factors of
      the photograph itself. Though with the assistance of the example illustrated
      here, supported by the close up photo included as well, the illusion of the "M"
      is further clarified.

      What appears to be an "M" is actually a conjunction of the drapery over Zeus'
      lap, his right foot tucked beneath the front of the throne and a far leg of the
      throne. These three devices seem to form a far better looking "M" on the SC
      example but I do not think that was the intended meaning of the celator. (cf.
      photo Philip Tet B for closer view).

      Therefore, the inner left control is the sole control belonging to SC 2469.
      Perhaps this will be further resolved when and if any reverse die matches for
      the SC/Naville example appear.

      Jay Guberman
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