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2224Parthia.com Celebrates 15th Anniversary Online

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  • Edward C. D. Hopkins
    Mar 27, 2013
      Today, 28 March 2013, Parthia.com celebrates its 15th anniversary online.
      The site has grown to more than 1,600 web pages and 18,000 photos about
      Parthia. It is the highest ranked site after Wikipedia for "Parthia"
      searches on Google, Bing and other major search engines. More than one
      million people have visited the home page alone, and Parthia.com provides an
      average of 31,000+ page views to 6,200+ visitors per month. Of all visitors,
      82.1% add Parthia.com to their browser's favorites list.

      Parthia.com is a noncommercial educational web site about the Parthians and
      their sub-kingdoms of Characene, Elymais and Persis. The primary focus is on
      numismatics, but the site is not just a virtual coin collection. Visiting
      Parthia.com will give you insight into Parthian art, history, archaeology,
      geography and more. It is an excellent place to find references to books,
      articles, maps and other resources for further study.

      Please take this opportunity to visit Parthia.com.

      Chris Hopkins

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