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2214Lot of 9 Nice Seleukid Kingdom Bronze Coins 312 - 63 B.C Closing Now Low Bids

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  • wingardium_leveosa
    Nov 10, 2012
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      I've decided to clear out thousands of ancient coins and antiquities and will be selling them off on eBay.

      I've got 14 auctions this week (ending soon) and I'll be following up with more next week, continuing to grow the number of auctions each wee until all stock is cleared.

      I've got heaps and heaps of stock to sell so even if there isn't anything that interests you this week please check back weekly to see what I've got going, you can be sure there will be lots of bargains and definitely no reserves.


      ARC 11 Isaac II 1185AD Billion Aspron Trachy Byzantine 24mm Jesus Blessed Mother

      ARC 455 Ancient Coin Valentinian I with Chi Ro (Christ) and captive Christianity Bold

      ARC 445 Ancient Roman Provincial Coin Trajan 98AD w Tyche Goddess of Luck Counter marked

      ARC 0275 Ancient Judean King Herod " Agrippa I " Prutah 41 AD Acts Apostles 17mm Clear and Bold

      ARC 460 Lot of 16 Ancient Judean Widows Mite Bible Mark 12:41 Jesus Christ 16pc Low

      ARC 0369 Ancient Judean First Jewish Revolt Prutah Masada 66AD "Freedom of Zion" Very Fine

      ARC 461 Ancient Greek Lot of 9 Nice Seleukid Kingdom Bronze Coins 312 - 63 B.C Great Group

      ARC 441 Ancient Roman Provincial Severus Alexander Julia Mamaea 222AD AE28 LARGE Nice Coin

      ARC 0239 Mattathias Antigonus. Double Cornucopiae 8 Prutot 24mm Mattatayah 40BC Rare

      ARC alex2 Ancient Greek Coin Alexander III The Great of Macedonian 328BC Beautiful Detail

      ARC 0301 Ancient Judean Pontius Pilate LIH Coin Jesus Christ Crucifixion 26 AD Clear Date (Rare)

      ARC 437 Ancient Roman Provincial Coin Philip I The Arab 244 AD Athena God of War Nice Coin

      ARC 443 Ancient Roman Provincial Coin Imperial Emperor Claudius Clean and Bold

      ARC 0255 Mattathias Antigonus. Single Cornucopiae 4 Prutot 18mm Mattatayah 40BC Rare

      Any questions please send me a message.

      Bruce Munday
      Archeology Pty Ltd