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  • uathachia
    Oct 23, 2005
      So far this is just a message me myself alone :P. Not such a bad
      excercise for expressing myself though.
      People become inspired in their paths through numerous mediums, be
      it holy books, prophets, stories passed down, or even television and
      books. Some are believed to be more "true" then others. Is something u
      read in the Bible or Tao te Ching any more important then that read in
      the Mists of Avalon or Dark Tower series? I dont think so personally.
      I think that any medium can bring one to further insight on what just
      feels right. A few religions that come to mind teach that we as
      individuals and humans feel what's right and what's wrong and that we
      are to learn from that which is in front of us. Does it matter if it
      is a historically acurate text or just from one's imagination? How
      much would one miss if s/he was limited to just that which humankind
      has deamed reliable. Isn't it pretty much safe to say that humankind
      isn't always correct to begin with? What it comes down to for me is
      this, absorb all that u see/feel/smell/touch and any other sense u
      have. Choose what feels true and good and go with it. Worst case u
      learn later it wasn't that good of an idea and move on with that
      knowledge, but I think that most the time it will be a positive thing
      regardless of its source.