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Cameron's late father was a tax dodger like Gary Barlow!

There's nothing wrong with a bit of Cameron-bashing, especially with the Tories going ahead of Labour in a couple of opinion polls for the first time for two
Steve Wallis
May 13, 2014

Psychohistorical Equations Discoverer's Autobiography.

The psychohistorical equations website has just published a text entitled -- "The Intellectual Autobiography of Karl Seldon" -- as Brief #8 of the "Briefs
Mar 9, 2014

Global strike tomorrow (MayDay): my newsletter & music video

The following is taken from my new blog ThatcheroftheLeft (http://thatcheroftheleft.wordpress.com) - subscribe if you want regular messages from me! This is a
Steve Wallis
Apr 30, 2013

Introducing my new blog, ThatcheroftheLeft

I have been rather amiss at publicising my politics beyond the social networks of Facebook and Twitter - and the real world of course - but am sending this
Steve Wallis
Apr 17, 2013

Plutocracy Proclaims Planned Planetary Population Plummeting

Full Title: The Plutocracy Publicly, Proudly Proclaims Their Planned Planetary Population Plummeting Program/Pogrom. sources:
Apr 11, 2013

1st Interview with F.E.D. Co-Founder/Psychohistory Actualizer Karl S

Full Title: First Interview with F.E.D. Co-Founder & Psychohistory Actualizer Dr. Karl Seldon Second Foundation Group Participants, I have posted below the
Apr 6, 2013

Terran Humanity at the Brink -- 1st Interview w/F.E.D.'s Karl Seldon

"Terran Humanity at the Brink" -- First Interview with F.E.D. Co-Founder Karl H. Seldon Second Foundation Forum Participants, If you are interested in the
Jan 17, 2013

Just Published: New Novella on F.E.D. Fractal Dialectics

Just Published: New Novella on F.E.D. Fractal Dialectics Second Foundation Forum Participants, The F.E.D. Press has just announced publication of its second
Jan 17, 2013

Revolutionary Platform News: general strike, end tax loopholes and h

[I'm back fully into activism now (distributing the following newsletter at the Global Noise event this afternoon (Oct 13, 2pm, Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester
Steve Wallis
Oct 13, 2012

A '''Psychological''' Approach to the Meanings of Psychohistorical E

Full Title: '''Person-ification''' and 'Im-Person-ation' -- A '''Psychological''' Approach to the Meaning of Dialectical-Mathematical Formulae. Second
Oct 1, 2012

Knowledge Representation Condensation & Psychohistory

Full Title: Knowledge Representation Condensation, and The Psychohistorical Equations as Example. Second Foundation Group Participants, Part II. of II. of
Sep 21, 2012

Seldon Crisis Approaching?: Opening the Time Vault of the Future

Second Foundation Group Participants, The webmaster of the www.dialectics.org website has just posted a -- for us, very pertinent -- blog-entry that you might
Jul 30, 2012

omg im so bored today

I'm home by myself with nothing to do today, does anyone want to chat with me? http://comewatchmeplay.info?user=paige
Jun 14, 2012

Presented for the First Time: The F.E.D. Psychohistorical Equations

Second Foundation Group Participants, FYI: As of yesterday, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.] has presented, for the first time, in full, the F.E.D.
May 20, 2012

Psychohistorians to Occupy Wall Street & Global Peoples Assemblies M

Second Foundation Group Participants, The Equitist Advocacy Group has issued an open letter/leaflet to "Occupy Wall Street" and the Global People's Assemblies
Nov 17, 2011
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