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48239RE: [RoboMinds] MRM trouble!

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  • Mark Castelluccio
    Feb 10, 2014



      CPU32Bug checks the checksum of itself when it starts and reports failures.  If it was corrupted, I think you would see that message.


      Check your power supply.  Make sure you are getting enough power and it is fairly clean.


      Do you have an LCD connected?  If so, disconnect it and see if that helps.  The LCD is connected to the data bus, and it may be causing corruption if the cable is too long.


      Disconnect everything except power and serial if you can and give that a try.




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      Hi all,


      I think I may have accidentally hosed CPU32Bug on my MRM. 


      I've been trying to get RTEMS running out of ROM on my MRM and have been having a lot of trouble with linker scripts. After doing a ton of reading I think I'm getting a better handle on it, but I think that during my experimentation I may have overwritten part of CPU32Bug as it no longer responds at the prompt or starts programs loaded into the MRM.


      If I connect to the serial port using minicom I get the following:


      CPU32Bug Debugger/Diagnostics - Version  1.00                                  

       (C) Copyright 1991 by Motorola Inc.                       




      And then it hangs. I've tried this on two different computers to check it's not a dodgy serial port problem.


      I've tried loading mcbug.s19 from Marks website (http://robominds.com/minirobomind_sw.htm) using the bdm, but no luck.


      Anyone got any advice?



      James Fitzsimons

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