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48227Re: [SeattleRobotics] MRM trouble!

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  • Pat Tressel
    Feb 8, 2014
      James --

      I think I may have accidentally hosed CPU32Bug on my MRM. 

      I've been trying to get RTEMS running out of ROM on my MRM and have been having a lot of trouble with linker scripts. After doing a ton of reading I think I'm getting a better handle on it, but I think that during my experimentation I may have overwritten part of CPU32Bug as it no longer responds at the prompt or starts programs loaded into the MRM.

      If I connect to the serial port using minicom I get the following:

      CPU32Bug Debugger/Diagnostics - Version  1.00                                  
       (C) Copyright 1991 by Motorola Inc.                       


      And then it hangs. I've tried this on two different computers to check it's not a dodgy serial port problem.

      I've tried loading mcbug.s19 from Marks website (http://robominds.com/minirobomind_sw.htm) using the bdm, but no luck.

      Not that it's any comfort, but apparently you're not the first to run into this...the following is from 10 years ago:


      Too bad there's no resolution...

      Can you tell if the re-flashing succeeds?  Is it possible that the modifications mentioned are not compatible?  (They sound benign...)  There's a footnote at the bottom that specifies 19200 baud -- is that what you're using?  Is your BDM cable ok?  (Scraping the bottom of the barrel here...)


      -- Pat
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