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48219Better robot chassis/system?

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  • Cory Cross
    Feb 4, 2014
      Hi All,

      I want a small robot capable of SLAM; basic video capture, processing,
      and transmitting; and following me, all for a low per-unit cost and
      minimal time investment before I can program the desired behaviors. And
      something I can use to collaborate and share software with others.

      My plan is:
      1. Android phone: available cheap used; has camera, wifi, and power
      built-in; sufficient bandwidth to stream video to another device;
      sufficient power for basic video algorithms and path planning;
      sufficient memory & processing for SLAM; running ROS
      2. Pre-made chassis w/ wheel encoders:
      Plus four fixed-position IR distance sensor added on to assist SLAM &
      four whiskers to sense collisions

      (A future chassis would be roughly similar, but with better specs: more
      accurate encoders, stronger & faster motors, etc)

      Anything I've overlooked that would be better?

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