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Notice: Greenwood Community Council Meeting on Tuesday, September 16th at 7pm, Greenwood Library

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  • Kate Martin
    Notice: Greenwood Community Council Meeting Tuesday, September 16th at 7pm, Greenwood Library (Note: Meeting starts with a walking tour. We ll meet up at the
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      Notice: Greenwood Community Council Meeting

      Tuesday, September 16th at 7pm, Greenwood Library (Note: Meeting starts with a walking tour.  We’ll meet up at the liquor store at Greenwood Ave N and N 93rd St )


      The Greenwood Community Council September meeting focus will be neighborhood transportation issues. 




      Finishing Greenwood Avenue from N 93rd to N 105th


      Our guest for this main meeting agenda item will be Seattle City Councilmember Sally Clark.  Councilmember Clark has graciously accepted our invitation to join us for our meeting which will begin at 7pm at the  liquor store on Greenwood Ave N and N 93rd.   We will navigate our way north through the sometimes third world conditions of the roadway edge where the sidewalks end on the east side of Greenwood N from  N 93rd.  We’ll continue up to N 105th and then cross over (at various locations just to remember what is really happening at those uncontrolled intersections crossing 4 moving vehicular lanes where vehicles travel at a posted speed of 35mph and reality speeds of sometimes over 50mph) and continue south to where the sidewalks end at N 97th on the west side past the Greenwood Food Bank at the Salvation Army.  We’ll then hoof it back or if the 5 aligns with our stars, we’ll catch Metro back to the Greenwood Library where the meeting will continue.  Sally Clark will stay with us back at the library for 30 minutes from 8:00 – 8:30 to help us plan our pat h forward to an SDOT capital project that would complete the street in the toured areas that are lacking some essential transportation infrastructure.    Please invite anyone and everyone who cares about a complete street for Greenwood Ave N from 93rd to 105th.  Don’t hesitate to invite / bring your children, parents, elderly neighbors, and others who use this part of the street right of way or have sym pat hy for those who do.  IMO we’re very overdue for this important transportation segment and we’ve done our homework    Please help be tireless with our requests for a capital project to fix this problem and create the option of safe and sane pedestrian and transit rider mobility for all people in Greenwood or travelling through Greenwood .    Please email Grace Crunican, director of SDOT  grace.crunican@... and traffic operations manager, Eric Widstrand, eric.widstrand@... and let them know that you’re joining our tour and ask when Greenwood Ave N from N 93rd to N 105th will be scheduled for completion.  Also, please visit Mayor Greg Nickels website  http://www.seattle.gov/mayor/contact.htmn and email him from there with a new message or a cut and paste from your email to Grace Crunican and Eric Widstrand.  SDOT is about to start a project from N 105th to N 112th that will put in curbs, planting strips, sidewalks and other transportation infrastructure that will cost about $1M a block...yikes....that’s with a street already there.  This project seriously fails to create a healthy pedestrian and bicycle environment at the 5 way intersection of N 105th, Holman Rd N , and Greenwood Ave N.    As an individual citizen, I appealed the DNS (Declaration of Non-Significance) that this project received and lost.  IMO, the Hearing Examiner was unable to discern exactly what best pedestrian practices are and what a healthy pedestrian and transit rider habitat looks like from the SEPA transportation section checklist. SDOT testified that they were following best practices for the project.  SPU did the same.  The consultant’s report about the project never mentioned that a salmon bearing creek is a long ball away and  that sewers are backing up in heavy rainfall and flooding people with sewage below Greenwood.   We need to be hitting more targets with these projects than we are.  Argh!  I’m working on the SEPA checklist problem via the Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan process and we’ll see where that goes, but in general I ask you to really look at these projects closely as they get shopped around at public meetings and elsewhere and ask for more for pedestrians and transit riders and ask that all of these projects be universally accessible to people of all ages and abilities.  It’s still pretty much vehicular mobility dominated at this point with little crumbs of pedestrian and transit rider amenities.  That’s just not forward thinking. 



      Other Transportation Topics to Mention / Discuss:


      -Pedestrian Master Plan – Walking Preference Survey


      -Park(ing) Day September 19th


      -Update from Greater Greenwood Bi/Ped Safety Coalition


      -Update on Sidewalk Projects on Fremont Ave N


      -Update on Greenwood Sidewalks


      -Metro:  shelter requests, adopt a stop, can we please get rid of the Metro stop at N 85th and Linden Ave N


      -Mercer St Update from District Council


      -Can we be car-free on some of our streets on some / special days next year?


      -Do we have a NMF project to cook up with a transportation theme?


      -Round robin Greenwood transportation raves and rants



      Please bring a small cash contribution if you can to the meeting to donate to Greenwood Community Council (a five or less).  The money will be deposited by the treasurer and dispersed this month to our webmaster, Susan Cunningham for use to pay our domain fees and associated website costs as we move toward a Greenwood Community Council website.  


      Also, as the Greenwood Community Council moves to “Discover Greenwood”, we will have a no-host social hour after this meeting at Pig N Whistle.   


      I’ll send out a more formal meeting agenda a week before the meeting. 


      Thank you, I hope to see you at the meeting. 


      Kate Martin, Greenwood Community Council President


      Kate Martin
      office (206) 783-6538
      cell (206) 579-3703
      fax (206) 706-1528


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