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  • Rebecca Deehr
    Hello PMPAG, As promised, I ve noted the following below: --steering committee meeting times and their corresponding topics --people who signed up as being
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2008
      Hello PMPAG,
      As promised, I've noted the following below:
      --steering committee meeting times and their corresponding topics
      --people who signed up as being interested in that topic
      --peoples' top issues in each topic that rose to the top (this list is incomplete, as it came from people who had time to stay after and anyone who did not attend didn't contribute)

      I've noted an expanded time slot (pending availability of the Boards and Commissions room) so we can get more done.

      I've attached a "comment summaries" file that Katherine Bush helped create. This file represents comments made in past meetings.

      --if you're interested in a topic, and your name is not below next to the topic, let me know you're interested
      --if you cannot attend a steering committee meeting, please email me your top issues in that category so that i can make sure it's represented
      --to consider spearheading the completion of one of these documents for a category below

      --Using the attached Enforcement document as (an imperfect) template, brainstorm the list of priority issues/concerns/recommendations that we'd like to address in a document for each topic.
      --Identify people on the PMPAG who can work on the document to get it to a more complete state, and by when.
      --If you'd like changes to topics/meeting times below let me know.

      Becca. (ps: I'll be gone for the July 7th meeting, but our other fearless leader Paulo knows what to do)


      JULY 7TH, 12-1:30

      Enforcement: Rob K, Betty Lou, Randy, Kate, Tony
      •    Code enforcement
      •    Sidewalks
      •    Enforce right-of-way encroachment and tripping hazards
      •    Ordinances to reduce speed
      •    Law enforcement/Police
      o    Drivers
      o    Pedestrians
      •    Speed reduction
      Safety & Security: Suzanne, Rob K., Brian
      •    Engineering treatments
      •    Reduction of speed limits in large volume pedestrian areas
      •    Speed reduction
      •    Pedestrian lighting
      •    Speed reduction
      •    Traffic calming
      •    Speed control via stoplights activated by static radar
      reviewing the draft toolbox outline, which we didn't have time to do at the last PMPAG meeting.

      JULY 21ST, 12-1:30
      Encouragement: Randy, Paul, Chas, Kate
      •    Media stuff
      •    Coalition building
      •    Speed reduction inducements
      •    Lights controlling speed of flow
      •    Congestion pricing
      •    Media campaigns about safety, walking, and transit use
      Equity & Health: Paul, Tony
      •    Recreational access
      •    Walking for transportation
      •    Health promotion
      •    Social equity approaches
      Education: Rob K, Paul, Kate
      •    Drivers (all kinds)
      •    Drive preventively/Walk defensively

      AUGUST 4TH, 12-1:30
      Design, Engineering, & Universal Access: Suzanne, Rob K., Brian, Kate, Bea, Paul
      •    Transit stop stations
      •    Crosswalks, lighting, signals
      •    Stop lines at all mid-block crossings (intersections)
      •    Transit stop design
      •    Red flag/fine tripping hazards
      •    Alternative design
      •    Maintenance policies, standards, etc.
      •    Going along the street
      •    Getting across the street
      •    Streetscapes
      •    Sidewalk and street furniture
      •    Utility design, placement, maintenance
      •    Increased sidewalk width required everywhere
      •    Sidewalk alternatives (cheaper, more sustainable)

      AUGUST 18TH, 12-1:30
      Land Use & Zoning: Kate, Bea
      •    Reversion of neighborhood commercial buildings back to commercial
      •    Make sure people have walkable destinations
      •    Concentric zoning, not linear
      •    Code and policy review
      •    Design review guidelines
      Policy & Planning: James, Betty Lou, Bea, Kate
      •    City policy review
      •    Policy review
      •    Neighborhood-based plans and policies
      •    SEPA—multi-modal level of service

      SEPTEMBER 8TH, 12-1:30
      Funding: Paul, Kate
      •    Capital improvement budget
      •    Operating budget
      •    Private funding of right-of-way improvements on residential streets
      o    Zero interest loans
      o    Pay when property sells
      o    Tax abatement
      Evaluation: James, Brian, Rob
      •    Performance measures
      •    Performance measures
      •    Crash data analysis

      SEPTEMBER 22ND, 12-1:30
      Environment & Sustainability: Paul, Kate
      •    Modal shift
      •    Congestion mitigation
      •    Green infrastructure
      •    Right-of-way distribution ratios: 60/40 (vehicular / sidewalks, bikes, natural drainage, plants)
      •    Walking groups
      •    More social marketing campaigns

      Rebecca Deehr
      Policy Director
      Feet First: Building Walkable Communities
      2019 Third Avenue, Suite 110
      Seattle, WA 98121
      206.652.2310   info@...
      join or renew: http://feetfirst.info/join
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