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FW: [GREENWOOD] Latest Update on Greenwood Avenue N Street Improvements

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  • Kate Martin
    Dear Councilmembers. I am writing to you about the Greenwood Ave N project again. The intent of this project was supposed to be pedestrian and transit rider
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2008
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      Dear Councilmembers.

      I am writing to you about the Greenwood Ave N project again.

      The intent of this project was supposed to be pedestrian and transit rider
      safety. I attended all of the meetings for this project. Transit rider
      safety and pedestrian safety were not at all obvious in the project as

      They certainly have improved the situation of the roadway once you're away
      from Holman Road, but it's really the intersection that needs way more help.

      I welcome the bus shelters, but bus shelters don't make a safe project.
      Additionally, getting to buses must be made safe for ALL riders, not just
      some riders. Just the amount of roadway one has to cross, the large turning
      radius of the roadway onto Holman from Greenwood, the higher speed limit
      there, and the long distances between signaled crossings are a terrible
      recipe for pedestrian and transit rider safety.

      The sheer number of people needing to use this transit hub begs for a better
      configuration than SDOT has developed.

      I know we can do better. Please don't let this project proceed as planned.
      It's embarrassing to see that it still looks like 1960s engineering.

      They're building a gigantic mixed use building on that Leilani Lanes site
      that will add to the already dense situation on Greenwood and density will
      continue to grow around that area.

      Let's do something relevant with a nod to the future and not the past.

      Again, the roadway away from the intersection is looking better, not what
      I'm looking for, but better. The intersection itself is still a disaster.
      Pedestrian crashes are statistically more likely to be at intersections and
      that is where we need to focus in making things safer.

      Please, let's do some things to make it better:
      -lower the speed limit from 35 to 30 or less
      -reduce the amount of roadway that pedestrians have to cross
      -get rid of the two lanes turning right on that big radius
      -get a ped light between 105th and 112th

      Would you please request that this project be presented to the
      Transportation Committee and / or the Special Committee on Pedestrian

      Thank you for any help you can lend this situation.

      -Kate Martin

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      Subject: [GREENWOOD] Latest Update on Greenwood Avenue N Street Improvements

      Latest Update on Greenwood Avenue N Street Improvements

      The project is between 60% and 90% design. SDOT and consultants are working
      with adjacent property owners to negotiate temporary construction easements.
      In this process, SDOT will work with the property owners to incorporate
      minor design changes where possible, to address any concerns.

      SDOT is looking to advertise for construction bids in June 2008. Actual
      construction is likely to start the first week in August 2008 and take 6 to
      8 months to be completed.

      Based on community input, the project will include installation of a
      crosswalk on the Holman Road part of the large intersection with Greenwood
      Avenue North.

      SDOT is working with King County Metro to enhance existing bus stops by
      including shelters. SDOT will also reinforce the natural drainage slope
      installed by SPU a few years ago on the side streets, just west of Greenwood
      Ave N in the project area.

      Project Description

      The project is located on Greenwood Avenue N between N 105th and N 112th

      Project plans include widening the roadway from four-lanes to five-lanes
      with parallel parking included on both sides, along with curb, gutter,
      sidewalks and street landscaping from N 105th to N 112th.

      Signal and street lighting improvements are included as well as storm system
      improvements, all of which will enhance pedestrian safety and transit

      For further information, please contact:

      George Frost
      Public Outreach Coordinator
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