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Complete Beerstock 5060 information

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  • Alison & Mark Joy
    I ve written this information (below) and sent it to all WA club reps to share with their club members. So far we have 7 clubs wanting to attend. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2009
      I've written this information (below) and sent it to all WA club reps to share with their club members. So far we have 7 clubs wanting to attend. The write-up is designed to answer most of your questions and give you a sense what to expect and how to prepare for this momentous event. Of course, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

      Everyone in the club (including spouses/partners) is welcome to come--even if you aren't bringing beer.

      We need to schedule a get-together to organize with those who are bringing beer. We have a club meeting on Wednesday, but there won't be time to organize there. How about meeting the following week at Naked City? What day works for those of you who are bringing beer?


      Don't miss: Saturday, August 15th, 2009
      BEERSTOCK 5060

      WHAT IS BEERSTOCK 5060?:
      It is the first, legal get-together of Washington homebrew clubs to taste each other's home brew and talk brewing across home brew club lines. Yes, it's like a homebrew brew fest!

      Thanks to the passing of Bill 5060, after July 26th, it will be legal to have this type of event. John, president of Beer Renegades of Everett Washington, and Chris, president of Cascade Brewers Guild, came up with the idea. Mark and Alison Joy, from the North Seattle Brew Club & BREW, have agreed to host the party on their 3 acre property just North of Seattle.

      Each club can bring as many different brews as they'd like to share with other club's members. It is up to each club to organize this. You can bring beer in bottles, kegs, or whatever. You may bring a lot or a little. All homebrewed beverages are welcome, such as, ale, lager, mead, bragot, gueuze or big hop bombs--it's up to you.

      It is not required that all attendees bring beer, but taste buds are a must.

      Each club is responsible for their own jockey boxes and/or dispensing set-ups, signs, table, chairs, ice and sun shield. It's nice for attendees to know what beer you're serving, so some tape and a sign is helpful. You might want to bring a bottle of water to rinse glasses, too. Does your club have fliers or business cards? Feel free to decorate your booth to suit your fancy.
      Note: Easy-up shade tents are on sale at Ace Hardware for under $50.00.

      Come a little early to pick your spot and set-up. It'd be good to have those who are setting up arrive around 1:00pm. Those who are setting up may pull into the driveway and one of the organizers will show you to the homebrew fest area to unload.

      Beerstock 5060 starts at 2:00pm:
      -Sample other brew club member's beer & talk with other brewers.
      -We will toast and honor those who helped write and pass Bill 5060.
      -Bring a bottle of your home brew, sit down with a beer judge and discuss its merits from 2:00 - 6:00pm. (not a competition)
      -We are holding a raffle for those in attendance.
      -A pot luck dinner will be held around the bon-fire. (Extra bonus points for bringing a dish made with beer.)
      -There will be beer games, such as, horseshoes, croquet and identify that hop. All games can be played with one hand, so the other hand is free to hold a beer.
      -You have the option to fill out a difficult yet humorous beer quiz. Prizes will be awarded during or after dinner.
      -There will be a used brewing equipment garage sale. Bring what you want to sell and bring a list of what you need.

      All attendees will need to bring a tasting glass, any non-alcoholic beverages or water you would like to consume. If you want to rest your haunches while you savor a brew, bring a chair. We will provide a main course of pulled pork sandwiches, and we request that you bring a side dish for the pot luck, such as, snacks, salad, vegetables or dessert. We'll have a small grill available for those who don't eat pork and want to bring something else to grill. You'll want to bring things like sunscreen, warm cloths for the evening. Bring any non-alcoholic beverages you'd like to drink.

      There is NO individual fee to attend Beerstock 5060, however, we are going to rent porta-potties, so we'd like to talk to clubs who are planning to attend about pitching in.
      We are asking each club to donate $50.00 to cover our costs. Make checks out to John Rivera, the President of B.R.E.W. who is handling the finances. Mail your check to: Beerstock 5060, c/o John Rivera, 10617 27th Drive SE, Everett, Washington, 98208.

      Similar to the Homebrew Fair, you will have the option of sitting down with a beer judge to talk about your home brew. You and the judge will share your tasty brew and you can ask questions. They will give brewing advice and/or praise you to the heavens. They can help you determine how your brew fits or doesn't fit in a BJCP style category. This is set up to help us all become better brewers and learn about beer categories, faults and tantalizing tasting sensations. We decided to not make this a competition. We want Beerstock 5060 to be a warm gathering of brewers to share beer, learn new tips and tell wild tales of brewing.

      We need beer judges to volunteer for one hour sessions sitting at the tables in the capacity of a helpful beer judge. Please contact us if you are interested in taking a turn at the tables. John at rivera98208@... or Alison at Alibabagrl@....

      This is going to be a self-serve garage sale, unless someone volunteers to be in charge. We have a nice shady place under a large tree where you can place your excess brewing supplies for sale. Tape an envelope to each item with the price, your name & your full address written on it. The purchaser will put the money in the envelope and place the envelope in the slot of a large, heavy, wooden box, and take their purchase to their car. After dinner, we'll have a last call for the garage sale and pass out the envelopes to their rightful owners. If leaving early, ask one of the organizers to give you your envelopes as you leave. (Must show ID to gather your envelope.)

      Each attendee must be a club member or club member's spouse/partner and be at least 21 years of age. At the entrance will be a sign-in booth. You'll need to sign a short waiver stating your club affiliation and that you are at least 21 years of age (bring yer ID!). The waivers will be placed in a fermenter and used for the raffle later in the evening. (The waiver is at the bottom of this email for your viewing pleasure.)

      August is usually warm and sunny so bring sunscreen, but remember it's a tad cooler up north, so bring a jacket for the evening. We'll light the bon-fire to drive off mosquitoes since they tend to come out at dusk. If you have sweet blood, bring bug spray or stand near the citronella candles.

      If it's raining, we have a very large metal building that we can all move into that is the home of our future glass blowing studio. No worries, have a home brew.

      You are more than welcome to camp on our property. Our property covers three acres, parts of which are mowed for camping. The property was originally pasture land so it's level and has no rocks but the moles have made it lumpy. Plan accordingly, and don't forget your flashlight. If you think you might be camping, send us a quick email. I'd be useful to have a vague count on the number of tents to plan for. Alibabagrl@...

      An extra sleeping option is that we have a large, steel building that can be slept in. Bring an air mattress or foam and a sleeping bag and you're welcome to sleep on the cement floor or up in the loft.

      There will be a simple breakfast available for those who sleep over.

      Arlington Motor Inn 360-652-9595
      Quality Inn 360-403-7222
      Medallion Hotel 360-657-0500.
      These are listed from $ to $$$. As the date gets closer, more rooms might be made available at the fancy Medallion Hotel, as they have a large block reserved for possible wedding guests at the moment. A little further south on 1-5 from the Medallion is the Tulalip Casino hotel if you like to wake up and roll the dice.

      Please, carpool if possible. To the west of our driveway there is a 2 block parking strip on the south side of Stanwood Bryant Road.

      DIRECTIONS TO: 3410 Stanwood Bryant Rd. Arlington, WA 98223:
      From Seattle:
      Take Interstate 5 North.
      Our exit is approximately 40 miles north from downtown Seattle.
      Exit at exit # 212 Stanwood/Camano Is. and turn right (East) onto 268th Street NW.
      Drive exactly 3 miles to our house.
      Helpful notes: 268th turns into Stanwood Bryant Road (our road) at a strong right hand curve--take the curve. Next you'll cross the little Pilchuck creek bridge (drive slow to avoid river rats). We are the only house on the right between 33rd and 35th.
      Look for a sign that reads "5060".

      If your club is interested in participating, please contact
      John at rivera98208@... or Alison at Alibabagrl@....
      A cell phone number where John can be reached is 425-315-2931.

      It would be helpful to have an estimate as to how many people from your club are considering attending.
      BEERSTOCK 5060, August 15, 2009.

      (We'll have copies for you to fill out when you arrive at Beerstock 5060.)

      BEERSTOCK 5060 Waiver for the State of Washington: AND RAFFLE ENTRY!

      1. AGE OF MAJORITY CLAUSE: I, ________________________________________(print name) the undersigned, hereby certify that I am over 21 years of age and that I agree to comply with all local laws regarding the property where these events are being held, and all rules restricting my use of the property

      2. BREW CLUB CLAUSE: I certify that I am either a member of a Washington homebrew club or am the spouse or partner of a member of a Washington homebrew club.

      WRITE YOUR WASHINGTON BREW CLUB AFFILIATION: ____________________________________________

      3. RAFFLE CLAUSE: I herby accept that by signing this waiver, I will be entered into a raffle whereby my name could be drawn and I could win prizes. (Must be present to win.)

      4. ALCOHOL AND DRUG CLAUSE: I declare that I plan to be under the influence of alcohol, I will sober up before driving a vehicle and know I am welcome to stay the night at the event location, if needed. I have brought no illegal hard drugs to the party, as beer will suffice.

      5. WEAPONS CLAUSE: I certify that I have not brought a weapon, concealed or otherwise onto the property at 3410 Stanwood Bryant Rd. Arlington, Washington. (Iraqi WMDs are permitted if you promise to let us know where you found them).

      6. POLLUTION & BUTT CLAUSE: I agree to place all trash in trash receptacles, all recyclables in recycling containers and all plastic utensils in containers to be washed. I give a hoot and will not pollute. (The Lorax thanks you.) Smoke carefully and place your butts in the provided butt cans--August is high fire hazard season.

      7. PUKE CLAUSE: I herby accept that if I am the first to puke and pass-out that I may be decorated with shaving cream and magic markers, much to the chagrin of my fellow brewers.

      8. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: In the event that Beerstock 5060 organizers, their assistants, volunteers, or the homeowners, are found liable to me for any reason whatsoever, I agree that said liability will be limited to $200. I am fully responsible for any damage I cause--be it due to staggering or otherwise.

      9. GLOBAL WAIVER CLAUSE: I explicitly waive and agree to hold harmless and indemnify Beerstock 5060 organizers and other party agents, assistants or hosts from any and all liability during the Beerstock 5060 attendance that may arise from the use of the space provided for this party or from interaction with others at this event including but not limited to, claims based on negligence, breach of implied warranty, or any other tort liability.


      SIGNATURE: _________________________________________________

      DATE: August ________, 2009

      If you brought a beer, what is it's name?_____________________________________________________

      NOW: Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow the taps may run dry.
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