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  • Mauno Ritola
    Feb 1, 2012
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      A lot of, maybe even majority of AM DX listening, at least on medium wave is done using SSB to get better readability.

      73, Mauno

      1.2.2012 4:23, (KP4TR)Ramon Gonzalez kirjoitti:

      To add to this thread, these are my thoughts:

      When I first encountered an SDR receiver using SDR-Radio, I immediately fell in love with it and also with the Flexradio's. But before I purchased anything, I did tinker with SDR-Radio and did lots of connecting/disconnecting, and jumping around the various SDR receivers.

      One in particular bothered me. It said that if I use his SDR to listen to "CB" radio, I would be immediately kicked out and banned from his receiver. Well, if many don't know, I do like to listen to CB radio for one good reason. It is a pre-cursor to the MUF reaching 10 meters and beyond. A good friend told me that trick because CBers chatter day and night on AM and their signals are a good measure of the MUF expanding and possible 10 and 6 meters opening. Also on 48 Mhz TV signals from Europe can be heard here in North America and also good indication of European openings on 6 meters.

      I also use SSB to listen to AM. Nothing wrong there. And I may tune to a frequency where nobody is talking. Because I am performing my own noise tests!

      Anyone remember the packet BBS and the sysops holding and deleting messages they didn't like? In the same spirit, please don't try to tell me what I can and cannot listen to. The rest, I applaud you for letting me listen whatever I want, even noise. And someday I'll open up my SDR receiver as well.


      On 1/31/2012 7:33 PM, Bruce Tanner wrote:


      Nice review, Ken. Thanks.

      On 1/31/2012 6:33 PM, ken johnson wrote:


      I quite often stay only for a short time- just long enough to see the bands are not open at the receivers location- with a panadaptor it takes only a few seconds to see that there are no moderate to strong signals around. Also, if I am looking for a particular signal, again it only takes a few moments to see whether it is there on not.
      As for using ssb on an am signal, again, I do that sometimes. It may be there is an adjacent signal and using one sideband or the other can mitigate the effects of the adjacent signal. And the opposite sideband- there a quite a number of hams on the bands now that use the "wrong" sideband for whatever reason. Remember, the sideband convention of lower below 10Mhz and upper above, came in because of the mixing scheme used by the early exciters and receivers, it's really a legacy thing with no real relevance to current methods. After all, a quick look at the signal on the panadaptor function allows you to easily see which sideband is in use on any particular signal.
      There are also times when I find an interesting signal and stay as long as the receiver's owner will allow.

      Having said all that, I am grateful to all the guys that put their receivers on line for us to use- and if ever Simon gets round to porting the software to linux I will be able to rejoin the community as more than a listener.

      On 2012-01-31 16:29, Bruce Tanner wrote:

      I see much the same, Jay, when mine is up which has not been so much lately. Perhaps 2-3%
      of the check-ins stay longer than 4-5 minutes. Some appear to not know what they are
      doing... When I monitor here I see tuning to AM signals with SSB mode still intact or some
      times the opposite side band being used. Other times it seems the listener may be looking
      for his/her own signal and when it is not found they bow out... I have also known of times
      when I inadvertently left a ground off which presented an extremely annoying AC hum all
      over the band width... I can understand the lack of staying power with that but otherwise,
      like you it seems that people are not staying on board long enough to accomplish anything
      within reason.

      Bruce, K2BET


      On 1/30/2012 11:25 PM, jay_hendershott wrote:

      I have noticed a lot of connections to my receiver from different users for only 45
      seconds to 1-2 minutes. There are a few users who stay on for 20 minutes and longer but
      a majority for under 2 minutes. Do you see this also on your servers? I wonder why? You
      cannot accomplish a lot of listening in 2 minutes. I would hope that if there is a
      problem with my reciever I would get emails from users but? I have been using my SDR
      online myself and everything seems fine. Just curious if others are seeing this.



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      Cheers, Ken

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