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4840AW: [sdr-radio-com] v1.3 build 640 (Beta) - Notch-Filter

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  • JoJo
    May 2, 2011

      Dear OM Simon,
      I have some questions about the SDR-Radio (Server / Client) software. I've searched for a user manual for the "Console ".

      Is there a tutorial? I canĀ“t find a notch filter setting. Where to use the notch filter? Surely I've missed the notch filter setting only.

      I would like to highlight your great work in SDR-Radio very much. Thank you for that.
      Thank you for your help dear OM Simon.
      With very best regards from Aachen (Germany)
      JoJo - DF1KBN

      PS. I connected the server with a PappRadio and would be the ability to adjust the antenna attenuation, very happy.

      Sorry, but my English is super bad.
      I hope you could understand what I mean.


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