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2938Re: CPU goes to 100% with Build 472

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  • wa1nvc
    Jan 1, 2011
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      This problem has been solved. I finally wiped and reloaded the laptop with WXP SP3, all the MS patches, and now SDR-radio(518) works fine with network servers and on a locally attached SDR-IQ.


      --- In sdr-radio-com@yahoogroups.com, "wa1nvc" <wa1nvc@...> wrote:
      > I had been running SDR-radio build 417 and the SDR-IQ for over a month on my laptop with great results. I had also used it with remote servers. It was working great.
      > I uninstalled SDR-radio build 417 and installed build 472. After starting SDR-radio the main screen and the splash screen appear and the CPU usage goes to 100%. The splash screen does not go away and the only way to stop it is with a kill from the task manager. I tried deleting all the XML files with no success. I even removed build 472 and reinstalled build 417. Build 417 then exhibited the same 100% CPU usage and hang.
      > How can I fix this problem? What caused SDR-radio to suddenly stop working correctly on this laptop? I have a similar desktop where I did the exact same thing and build 472 works great.
      > The laptop and desktop are both running Windows XP SP3 with all Microsoft updates installed. Both use AVG anti-virus and Comodo firewall. The laptop is a 2+ GHz Pentium m and the desktop is a 2+ GHz Pentium IV.
      > Roger
      > WA1NVC
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