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23336Re: SDR console and re-routed audio

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  • kwelgeest2003
    Aug 21, 2014
    Hi Simon, thanks for your reply. I supposed that I first had to show what the difference in audio signal level was that's why I posted the audio images from sondemonitor at first.
    The output of SDRconsole is send to Cable Input (VB audio virtual cable) so I can direct the decoding software to the virtual cable output. All sound devices are set at 44100 sample rate. Playback and Recording volume for output and input are at 100 %,

    I did not know that FM Wide was to be used for data. Now I did switch to FM Wide mode and the audio indeed does show more "sharp digital forms" instead of the "clean sinus" but the level is still way down compared to the output of SDRsharp.

    I have attached 2 other screendumps. from the console this time.  I have to add to the image that the slider (at 100 %) disappears as soon as the printscreen is pressed. Believe me, it's at 100 %   ;-)

    Kind regards,
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