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23324Analog Or Digital Video Display

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  • Brian Howell
    Aug 20, 2014
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      I went ahead and ordered an Ettus B200 and an enclosure earlier this week.  Since a slightly modified board will be released soon I decided to go ahead and get this version rather than waiting for native SDR-Radio support before ordering one, as recommended to me by Simon Brown in one of my previous emails back on Aug 6th, regarding CUDA cores.  This may have been discussed in the past but I was wondering, with the decoding of various signals already possible (plane and boat positioning, ect), is it possible to decode and view analog video or digital video (HDTV) with SDR-Radio using my soon to arrive B200?  If so what is required to decode/display/record, ect video?  I'd like to learn how to and have the capability to decode and display anything available.

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