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21228Setting up Afedri-Net

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  • Ken Alexander
    Mar 2, 2014
      I'm struggling to get my new Afedri working with SDR Console. The
      receiver is connected to my computer with a USB cable (for power) and an
      ethernet cable.

      Starting SDR Console, I can have it search for an Afedri USB and it
      finds it in a split second and starts fine. Having it search for an
      Afedri LAN, it can't find it. It can't find it with Windows Firewall
      shut off as well.

      I tried manually creating a Radio Definition using the address and port
      defaults specified by Afedri, but that doesn't work either, with or
      without the Firewall.

      This sounds straightforward when one reads the Afedri and SDR Console
      docs, but it isn't proving to be that way. It doesn't help that I don't
      understand any of this network stuff. Another question, SDR IP
      Address: I understand is the address of the Afedri.
      Destination IP Address: Is that supposed to be my
      computer's address? How do I confirm that that is correct? Where do I

      By the way, I can Ping from a DOS prompt and it finds it OK
      with the firewall in place. I don't know what this means considering
      that SDR Console apparently can't find it.

      I could really use some help here. Any assistance would be gratefully

      Thanks and 73,

      Ken Alexander